The 4 Best Apple News Alternatives for Mac

The 4 Best Apple News Alternatives for Mac

While Apple News is a fit and functional app, it may not have all the features you want from a news reader. Or perhaps the application just doesn’t suit your style. Whatever the case, several worthy Apple News substitutes do exist for the Mac.

Let’s list some of the best Apple News alternatives for macOS, so you can find the best news aggregator for you.

1. Feedly

Feedly Mac app start page.

Feedly is one of the best services for keeping up with the news that interests you. The app lets you create multiple customized feeds that you can fill with all of your favorite channels, with the most popular stories appearing at the top.

With Feedly, you can see what’s trending, bookmark articles to read later, and organize your feeds to make finding specific news items easy. Paid versions of the service—Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise—offer additional sources, an AI assistant, and Google News feeds, as well as other premium features. Upgrading requires you to purchase an annual subscription.

You can download Feedly from the App Store or access the service any time at the Feedly website. If you don’t want an extra application cluttering your Mac, the web version works quite well.

Download: Feedly (Free, subscription available)

2. Google News

Google News main menu and feed.

While Google hasn’t developed a news app for Mac, you can still access the service at the Google News website. The web app may not be anything fancy, but it is an effective tool for consuming the stories that interest you.


Google News is simple, intuitive, and provides most of the features you’d expect from a service of this type. You can follow specific publishers, train the algorithm to suggest more relevant articles, and personalize your Google News feed.

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If you’re a Google user, the company already knows a lot about you, so the suggested content tends to be quite relevant even before you start training the AI. Whether that’s creepy or convenient is difficult to say.

Google News is a simple-to-use solution. If you already have an account, the service doesn’t require any additional setup before you can start consuming stories.

3. News Explorer

News Explorer Mac app news feed.

News Explorer is one of the slicker applications on offer. The app lets you add RSS and Twitter feeds for easy news viewing and clearly displays information such as unread counts and subscribed channels.

The interface is simple but effective, and the built-in reader works quite well, displaying articles cleanly and in an easy-to-read format. The app also syncs your feeds across all of your Apple products, which is handy when you consume news on a variety of devices.

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News Explorer does come at a cost, but the company offers a 14-day free trial so you can sample the service and decide if the application is worth the price.

Download: News Explorer ($9.99)

4. Flipboard

Flipboard web app main page.

Flipboard doesn’t offer a Mac application, but the service, available on the Flipboard website, allows you to consume news in an interesting way.

The web app lets you follow topics and channels as you’d expect, but it also presents stories in an online magazine format. Configuring your feed takes a little time, but once you have everything figured out, the service provides a slightly different way to view the news.

Choose the News Aggregator That Works for You

If Apple News doesn’t meet your needs, one of the suggestions in this list could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Feedly is excellent for creating customized feeds, while Google News provides a simple-to-use service. News Explorer is your premium option, and Flipboard is ideal for anyone looking for something a little different.

While we’ve listed some of the best Apple News alternatives, other options do exist. If none of our suggestions meet your news consumption needs, finding a worthy solution may warrant a greater quest.

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