The 10 Best GarageBand Sound Packs for iPhone and iPad

The 10 Best GarageBand Sound Packs for iPhone and iPad

GarageBand is one of the easiest ways to make music on your iPhone or iPad. With so many instruments available, there is something to cater to every genre. What’s more, there are extra sound packs you can download in GarageBand to add new instruments, loops, and sequences.

If you have seen these, you might have wondered what the best GarageBand packs are. After all, some of them do take up a lot of space, so testing each one might not be efficient. Well, we did the research for you. So here are the best sound packs for GarageBand on an iPhone or iPad.

1. Skyline Heat (Hip-Hop)

skyline heat

Skyline Heat is a must-have sound pack for those who make hip-hop beats with GarageBand. With over 350 loops, six drum kits, and two loop grids, you have plenty of options for inspiration.

Skyline Heat also has a great collection of vocal loops, so you won’t need to record your own.

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The included drum kits also have some of the best kick samples available on GarageBand. So, even if you use other packs, you might want to find ways to integrate some samples from Skyline Heat.

2. Vision and Verse (Hip-Hop)

vision and verse

Another great hip-hop pack, Vision and Verse contains 400 loops, four drum kits, and 26 keyboards.

Vision and Verse is a classic hip-hop pack, giving you all the classic sounds to make nostalgic hits in the style of 90s rap.


The keyboard instruments are great and the Vintage Cinema Electric Guitar sample is one of the best out there. This pack also has a Cinematic Funk keyboard which is well mixed and makes a great lead.

3. Prismatica (Disco)


Prismatica is a sound pack inspired by disco music from the 1970s. The Prismatica kit contains 250 loops, three drum kits, and two loop grids.

The loops are very upbeat and lifting, bringing energy to existing songs. The drum kits have many classic-sounding kicks and tambourines.

This pack is also great for hip-hop and R&B artists, as it has samples that can fit along with any song. It also works for funk and rock artists who want to experiment with a different sound.

4. R&B Drummers (R&B)

randb drummers

The R&B Drummers kit adds several new drummers to the GarageBand virtual drummer feature, so you can experiment with live recording. You can even play along on guitar or keyboard to get inspired and create new songs.

This pack also adds three new drum kits, including the Motown Revisited Kit. This kit is excellent and not only works great for R&B but also hip-hop, rock, and slow jams.

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If you need more loops, it adds 30 to your collection. All are well mixed and would make a great addition to any track.

5. Rock Drummers (Rock)

rock drummers

Just like the R&B Drummers kit, the Rock Drummers kit adds several new drummers to the GarageBand virtual drummer feature. These drummers play hard rock, indie disco, and indie rock.

Out of all the kits, the indie rock kit is one of the best. It’s great for writing new songs and playing along on guitar. This kit isn’t too overpowering, giving you a chance to write vocals as well.

There are also three new drum kits added, so you can create your own drum tracks. The indie kit, also called the Brooklyn Kit, is well mixed and fits most indie rock songs.

6. Gozadera Latina (Latin)

gozadera latina pack

For those looking to add some Latin flair to their setup, consider downloading the Gozadera Latina kit.

This kit features over 300 loops, all of which are reminiscent of Latin music and reggaeton. With these loops, you can create a fantastic Latin song in just minutes.

This kit only contains one drum kit, but over 25 different synth sounds which are inspired by different types of Latin music.

7. Chinese Traditional (Chinese/Chill)

chinese traditional

The Chinese Traditional Kit doesn’t add too much to your GarageBand setup. It only has two instruments, a Guzheng Touch Instrument and a Guzheng keyboard sound.

While not much, both of these instruments sound fantastic and are well mixed. These instruments are great for creating chill beats, meditation soundtracks, and even hip-hop beats.

At only 31MB, it’s definitely worth a download.

8. Transition Effects (Electronic)

transition effects

If you make EDM, dubstep, or house music, the Transition Effects kit can expand your GarageBand setup. With over 200 high-energy loops, you can add something exciting to your song.

The Transition Effects kit also contains 20 synth sounds which add energy to any EDM song. These sounds also work great for indie songs, so indie producers might also enjoy this kit.

9. Edges and Angles (Electronic)

edges and angles

Another great kit for electronic and EDM producers, the Edges and Angles kit contains over 300 loops, 18 synths, and an EDM drum kit.

The synths are all in the modern electronic or EDM style and contain liquid bass samples and hard-hitting melodies. The included loops can be used to add something extra to one of your songs, or you can create a new song using only the included loops.

The Deep Thump Bass synth also contains effects that make it easy to create your unique sound.

10. Flex and Flow (Hip-Hop)

flex and flow

Flex and Flow is a unique hip-hop pack catered towards those who like to make chill or lo-fi beats. Offering over 400 loops, 25 synths, and five drum kits, this sound pack is so massive that any hip-hop producers will find something they enjoy.

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This kit also works great for dirty south and trap style beats. While the sounds might not be as modern as some of the other hip-hop kits, it is unique and well mixed.

Make Your Next Big Hit on GarageBand

When GarageBand first came out, it was just a simple program to make songs. Now, GarageBand is almost as powerful as the most popular DAWs on the market, and you can get that power right from your mobile device.

This, along with the ability to add more sound packs makes it even more beneficial for musicians. Whether you want to practice music production or create a hit song, GarageBand makes it all possible from your iPhone or iPad.

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