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January 27, 2022


This article features the latest updates on cryptocurrencies like Bitgert, Centcex, and more.

Today, 27th Jan looks like it will be a day that cryptocurrency prices might plummet. From late yesterday, Bitcoin prices started crashing, and all the major cryptocurrencies have been on a downward trend for the better part of today. In fact, all the largest cryptocurrencies were red at the time of this writing. But what are the major updates from the best cryptocurrencies in the market? Here are today’s major updates crypto investors need to know about these cryptocurrencies:



Bitgert team has a lot to report to the crypto community and among them is the stableness the coin is showing during the current crash. Bitgert, just like the last few crashes, has remained stable and could go bullish any time. Today is, therefore, the perfect time to buy more $BRISE. Apart from the price updates, the team has updates on the ongoing listing of the iOS wallet and the tier-1 exchange listing.

The Bitgert team just shared the Apple team response regarding the iOS wallet listing on the Bitgert Twitter handle. This is good news for the project and shows the great progress the Bitgert team is making. The $50,000 airdrop is still active, and crypto enthusiasts can still participate. Check out Bitgert pinned tweet for it.

The Bitgert CEX and zero gas fee blockchain are key products in the 2022 roadmap, and their development is progressing as planned. Check out the Bitgert website for more info.



While most cryptocurrencies are crashing this morning, Centcex is one of the crypto coins that has been very stable. This is good news for the Centcex investors and a perfect opportunity for the crypto community to buy more CENX and wait for the coming surge. But the Centcex team is also doing delivering on the roadmap fast.

The unlimited number of products the Centcex team is developing has started with the ongoing development of the Centcex exchange. It is a no-KYC exchange that features ultra-security programming to keep users’ assets safe. The completion of the exchange database structure and the user interface has been announced, and the launch dates might be announced soon. The Centcex website has more about this project.



The market is red again, and Solana is one of the largest cryptocurrencies now going down. At the time of the writing, Solana had plummeted 8% in the past 24 hours, according to the Coinmarketcap. This is a huge drop, but Solana is one of the cryptocurrencies that always make a strong recovery.

The other update from the Solana team is regarding the ongoing Hacker House project, where the team just announced the Dubai tour. The Dubai Hacker House is expected to the big for the Solana network. More projects are also joining the Solana, and more will come soon after the completion of the Hacker House program, which is targeting DeFi and NFTs developers.



The Litecoin team has been announcing many updates about the project’s growth. But the market prices have also been a key part of it. Despite the recent gains, the market is plummeting today, and Litecoin is also dropping. In fact, LTC is red right but stable.

The Litecoin team has announced a massive growth with over 1 million new addresses in the last week. This is massive growth, but Litecoin has been making moves for the last few weeks. There have been massive adoptions of LTC by companies. The endorsement of Litecoin by celebrities like Danielle Moinet, a WWE star, has also had a positive impact on LTC.



The Avalanche price in the market is in red. At the time of this writing, Avalanche had plummeted by over 10% on the Coinmarketcap. This is definitely a big drop, but Avalanche has always shown a high recovery rate, even in the previous crashes. Apart from the plummeting prices, the team has been making huge gains in the market.

There are many projects that have been joined the Avalanche network. Kassandra DAO and Platypus are some of the latest projects that have gone live on the Avalanche mainnet. The team is also working on making the smart contract faster and cheaper to attract more developers. Therefore, Avalanche is one of the crypto projects to watch in 2022.



The price drop is one of the things the Matic investors need to know. The market might be crashing again, and already, Matic has lost 4.6% as of this writing. This is according to the data provided by Coinmarketcap. But just like the previous dips, Matic is going to come out bigger and fast.

The developments that the Polygon team is undertaking are some of the reasons Matic might come of the dip faster. The increasing scaling solution for the Polygon network is going to increase the number of developers, which will make Matic larger. Already there are many projects migrating to Polygon (Matic) to get around the issue of the high gas fee.



Cardano is now going red, and from later yesterday, the coin has been dropping. This could be another crash in the making, but the market can turn things around. Therefore, the dropping of the $ADA price should not scare anyone. In fact, it provides a perfect opportunity for investors to buy more Cardano tokens.

The Cardano team is working is currently working on the new scaling solution called Hydra. The layer-2 scaling solution is going to push Cardano throughput to 1 million tps. The Cardano team already says the upgrade is in the Basho optimization phase, and network users will soon start experiencing faster transactions. This is a development that might make Cardano bullish in 2022.

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