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January 26, 2022


This article features the latest updates on cryptocurrencies like Bitgert and Centcex

Today, 26th Jan is a good day for the cryptocurrency investors as the market surges for the second day running. This is good news for the crypto investors and those who bought during the dip. With the surging prices, it is time to make good returns and recoveries. So what’s happening in the crypto market with the top best cryptocurrencies of 2022? Here is today’s updates that crypto investors need to know:



Bitgert is today one of the bullish cryptocurrencies in the market, with a 28% gain at the time of this writing. It might gain more with the current market conditions. The team has been sharing details about the recent moves, especially the tier-1 exchange and iOS listings. The recent update from the Bitgert team is a response from the Apple team regarding the iOS wallet. The team shared the response on the Bitgert Twitter handle, which is has excited the community.

The Bitgert $50,000 airdrop is still going on. The team has set rules that participants need to follow to get a chunk of this giveaway. There are a lot of updates expected from the Bitgert team regarding the Brise exchange and also the development of the zero gas fee Bitgert blockchain. Go to the Bitgert website for more about this project, including the 2022 roadmap.



The performance of the Centcex has been great during this market breather. At the time of this writing, Centcex had gained over 5% for the past 24 hours, according to This is an impressive gain for a coin that had also withstood all the recent price crashes. But the Centcex team is also keeping the community updated with the product developments.

The news on the development of the Centcex exchange continues to elicit excitement from the crypto community. The no-KYC exchange comes with unmatched security features and user experience. As of this writing, the development of the database structure and the user interface for the Centcex exchange was complete. Check out the Centcex website for more about this project.



Solana has been doing very in the past 24 hours, with the cryptocurrency now green with an over 4% increase. This is impressive considering that Solana was one of the hardest hit by the recent crash. Those who bought the dip are now making huge gains today. But the Solana team is on a mission to make this blockchain the best in 2022.

The Hacker House is one of the top things at Solana right now. The program started a few days ago, and already Solana engineers have met with many developers from all over the world. The program objective has been meeting the DeFi and NFT developers with the aim of increasing the number of projects on the Solana network.



The Litecoin team has been recording impressive gains over the last few weeks. But, of course, the huge recovery of Litecoin from the recent crash has been impressive. LTC is now green, having performed very well in the last 24 hours. But there is a lot happening behind the scenes that are growing Litecoin.

The recent endorsement of Litecoin by the WWE star Danielle Moinet has had good effects on the cryptocurrency. There has been major adoption of LTC for payments by companies like Harbor Custom Development, Inc. It is a real estate firm. The growth of Litecoin Gaming has also been an exciting update.



Avalanche was expected to be one of the best performers immediately after the market gets a breather from the plunging price. This is one of the cryptocurrencies recording impressive gains with the AVAX already green. At the time of this writing, Avalanche was trading at $68.52 on after gaining over 8% for the past 24 hours.

Avalanche still has a huge potential to gain in the market due to the increasing number of projects joining the network. As the fastest smart contact in the crypto industry and also its compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts, Avalanche stands out as one of the best platforms for developers. The Avalanche community is also growing fast.



For all web 3 developers on the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon has been their number of choice of a contract to work on. That’s why Matic has been performing very well. Matic has made an impressive recovery from the recent crash. At the time of this writing, Matic has grained 11% over the past 24 hours to trade at $1.61.

With the rising number of developers on this Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, the value of Matic is expected to grow big. The polygon team has been improving its scaling solution to offer even faster and cheaper transactions. New projects joining the network will also Matic demand in the market.



Cardano is green again after days of dropping during the recent plunge. At the time of this writing, Cardano was trading $1.05 with an impressive increase of 2.2% in the past 24 hours. With the surging crypto market prices, Cardano is expected to do better today. Away from the plunging prices, the Cardano has been updating the community in the recent developments.

The Hydra launch is going, and soon the team will be providing more information on the progress. The Cardano team recently announced an upgrade entering the Basho optimization phase, which will improve the network scaling. More dApps and DeFi and RealFi ecosystems will be joining Cardano after the lunch is fully completed.

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