Solana, Cardano, Matic, Avalanche, Litecoin Crashing, Bitgert & Centcex

Solana, Cardano, Matic, Avalanche, Litecoin Crashing, Bitgert & Centcex – Best Crypto To Invest In Bear Market

by Analytics Insight

January 27, 2022


Trending cryptocurrencies like Avalanche, Solana, and more showed impressive performances

The market looks like it is crashing again after the short breather in the last two days. Most large cryptocurrencies are getting rough, with some recording a massive percentage of their value. But some cryptocurrencies have withstood the crash to maintain stable prices. Bitgert and Centcex projects are some of the cryptocurrencies that have shown impressive performance during the price crashes. Read more about these cryptocurrencies and the best buy for this bearish market:



One of the best crypto investments today, especially in the bearish market, is Bitgert. First, Bitgert has been one of the most resilient cryptocurrencies in the market. It has been producing impressive performance during the previous crashes by staying stable when other cryptocurrencies are crashing. But the main reason why it is an ideal investment is the project’s disruptiveness in the market.

Bitgert is a DeFi project developing a centralized exchange and gas-free blockchain. These are two products in the Bitgert 2022 roadmap that make it unique. There is no gasless blockchain in the industry today. Therefore, the Bitgert blockchain will be the only solution to the high gas fee. This is what might make Bitgert explode in 2022.

The Bitgerttokenomic is one of the best for all the hyper-deflationary tokens in the industry. Bitgert staking reward is also one of the best. The team has announced about have multiple products on the mainnet by the end of the year. Read about this project on the Bitgert website.



Another best crypto to buy in this bearish market isCentcex. It is one of the newest cryptocurrencies doing very well in the industry. But what differentiates Centcex from the rest of the project is the value it adds to blockchain technology. The project addresses the problem of security and user experience in blockchain-based applications.

The Centcex team is developing an unlimited number of applications for users and will be running in its ecosystem. The products include staking programs, dApps, and cryptocurrency exchanges. The Centcex lab will be responsible for the development of all products. Therefore, it is a project with real utility.

In addition to the huge collection of products, Centcex has ensured that investors are getting the most out of their investments. With 100% APY of the generated revenue by the Centcex products going to the staked tokens, then this is one of the most rewarding crypto projects. These are factors making Centcex one of the best crypto investments in this bearish market. Visit the Centcex website for more.



Solana has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the market since the cryptocurrency launched. By just being the fastest blockchain, Solana has attracted not only thousands of users but also investors. These are two factors that have the network grow fast.

The team is working on two major projects. One of them is keeping the Solana blockchain as the fastest by growing its throughput and increasing the number of projects on ye network. The Solana Hacker House is going on, and the objective is to bring more products to the ecosystem. With over 65,000 tps, Solana is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch.



Cardano has been breaking barriers and setting records in the crypto industry. The Cardano team was the first to successfully install the proof-of-stake consensus protocol, which addressed the issues of security and speed in the blockchain. The Cardano team is currently working on a scaling program that will make the fastest blockchain upon completion.

The Cardano’s Hydra protocol is a layer-2 scaling solution project to improve the network transaction speed. The projection is 1 million transactions per second once the upgrade is complete. With all the Cardano blockchain features plus such a massive throughput, this is a crypto to watch this year.



The performance of Matic in the crypto market in the previous crashes has been impressive. In fact, Matic has been one of the cryptocurrencies that have been recovering very fast from the dips. This is because of the huge potential that Matic has driven by the Polygon network.

The polygon network has been expanding fast due to the huge number of new projects joining it. With the Ethereum network gas fee going up and speed slowing, many developers are migrating to Polygon smart contracts. That’s why Matic is growing fast today. Predictions show that Matic will be one of the best performances of 2022.



Still carrying the crown of being the fastest smart contract, Avalanche has been making moves in the crypto industry. There have been many projects that have been joining the Avalanche network, which has kept the price growing. This is as developers look for cheaper and faster platforms for developing projects. Among the newest projects live on the Avalanche mainnet are Kassandra DAO and Platypus.

The Avalanche is still working on the protocol to make the platform faster and cheaper for the developers. That’s why there have been scaling solutions that are making the platform even better. Therefore, Avalanche is likely to still be the fastest smart contract in 2022.



Litecoin is one of the best crypto investments in the market today. It is one of the most established cryptocurrencies, with recent studies showing that Litecoin is one of the most held cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is the kind of potential this coin has.

Litecoin is currently experiencing massive with over 1 million new addresses recorded in the last week. The increasing adoption of Litecoin is one of the reasons why it is more investors are coming in. With the fast growth rateLitecoin is posting in January, $LTC might be the best performer of 2022.

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