Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, Matic, Litecoin, Bitgert & Centcex

Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, Matic, Litecoin, Bitgert & Centcex

Solana, Cardano, Avalanche, Matic, Litecoin, Bitgert & Centcex – Which Crypto Might Explode In 2022?

by Analytics Insight

January 18, 2022


Here are the cryptocurrencies that might explode in 2022 and the factors that might lead to an explosion

The most explosive cryptocurrency in 2022 will be the most rewarding for investors who invest today. With so many cryptocurrencies in the crypto market, it is not easy to tell which will explode this year. This is because every crypto project is promising to be the next big thing in 2022.

But there are cryptocurrencies and teams with a proven record to deliver. These are the projects to look at. Here are the cryptocurrencies that might explode in 2022 and the factors that might lead to an explosion:



In the list of the cryptocurrency that might explodein 2022, Bitgert must be among them. Bitgertis a young DeFi project that has been doing very well since it launched 5 months ago. There are several reasons making Bitgert might explodein 2022. One of them is the fast delivery of the products by theBitgert team. Bitgert is the only DeFi project that has managed to launch a wallet, swap, audit program, staking program, and list in over 5 tier-2 in 120 days of the launch.

The products in the 2022 Bitgertroadmap are going to make the cryptocurrency explode in 2022. The centralized BRISE exchange is one of the exciting products launching in Q1 2022. The centralized exchange development is already going on with components like database structure complete. 

But the Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain will be a game-changer because there is none like it. The gasless blockchain will attract millions of users looking for cheaper transaction costs. Read more about the Bitgert project on itsofficial website.



Centcex is another cryptocurrencyprojected to explode in 2022. The coin has everything to become the next big thing in the crypto industry based on the project’s design. First, Centcex is a project that addresses two big blockchain problems – user experience and security. So the Centcex team is developing a range of cryptocurrency products or application that offers unmatched user experience and ultra-security features.

TheCentcex project will have one of the best token utilitiesdue to the huge number of products running on the ecosystem. The Centcex lab, which is responsible for developing dApps itreceives 3% of every transaction to fund an unlimited number of products. 

With staked $CENX receiving 100% APY of the Centcex products’ revenue, this is indeed a project that rewards investors. Read more about this crypto project at the Centcex website



The popularity of the Solanaprojects is mainly because of the fast transaction speed the blockchain offers. It is currently the fastest blockchain in the industry, with an estimated 65,000 transactions per second. Last year, the cryptocurrency recorded an all-time high price because more people bought into the project, and the number of users increased.

But the Solana team is upgrading the mainnet to make it faster. The objective is to address the huge 400,000 tps demand on the network. This means Solana will be faster in 2022. The number of projects on the Solana network is growing fast. All these are factors that might make Solana explode in 2022.



Cardano might be the biggest thing in the crypto market in 2022. Hoskinson and his team have an ambitious project to upgrade the Cardano network scaling protocol. The team is working on Hydra, a layer-2 scaling program that will address the network scaling issue.

The Cardano team says the upgrade will enable the network to reach 1 million transactions per second. This is a mind-blowing speed that will make Cardano blockchain the fastest. It will be the most sought after by users, and that’s $ADA cryptocurrency will explode.



There are two major things about Avalanche that make the perfect candidate for the next cryptocurrency. One of them is being the fastest blockchain in the industry by the TTF, and the second is the compatibility with the Ethereum smart contracts. These are factors that will increase the number of Avalanche users. 

With the increasing number of projects on the Avalanche network, the value of the Avalanche token will also increase. These two factors will make this cryptocurrency blow in 2022. This is how Avalanche will be one of the biggest gainers.



The Matic charts show a cryptocurrency doing very well in the market. The price of Matic coin has been growing fast since the crypto market started coming out of the first week of January dip. But we can expect Matic to continue with its bullish growth because of the performance of the Polygon smart contract.

Polygon is the platform that uses Matic as the native coin, and it is the layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network. Recently, Polygon acquired scaling protocols and will continue to get more to make the Ethereum network more scalable. This meansMatic might explode in 2022. 



With the latest moves that Litecoin has been making, there are all signs that it might be the next biggest thing in 2022. As one of the established payment platforms, Litecoin has been experiencing increasing adoption in the real world. The number of businesses accepting Litecointo payfor goods and services is growing.

The Litecoin team is also working on the mainnet to make the payment system fast, secure, and cheaper. With more products coming to the Litecoin ecosystem, like the Litecoin Gaming, this cryptocurrency is headed for a bullish 2022. More collaborations and products are coming up in 2022.

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