Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BNB coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin

Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BNB coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin – Bullish Cryptocurrencies Of The Month

by Analytics Insight

January 29, 2022


So which are the most bullish cryptocurrencies of the month? Read more on the list.

January is ending and could go down as one of the roughest months of 2022. The market crashes were so bad that most cryptocurrencies lost a huge percentage of their value. The market still appears unstable though prices are surging again. But the crypto industry downturns also helped identify the most bullish cryptocurrencies in the crypto market today. So which are the most bullish cryptocurrencies of the month? Read more in the list below:



One of the most bullish cryptocurrencies of the month might beBitgert. This is a DeFi project that is sweeping across the market due to its innovative design as well as very attractive features, including products and investors’ rewards. The Bitgert project just got to 6 months on 28th January 2022 but has accomplished so much in building the DeFi protocol.

Already, the Bitgertstaking process has been running for almost 2 months now, and multiple products have been launched. The tokenomics are attractive and appealing as well as a good staking reward. On the products, the Bitgert team has CEX coming in Q1, and the most powerful product, Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain, is now in the development stages.

With the Bitgert project only 6 months old and accomplishing faster than any other project, it is attracting thousands of investors. That’s why Bitgerthas been bullish throughout the month, even during crashes.



Another bullish crypto of January has been Centcex. Just two months into the industry, Centcex has been doing so well and has made big gains in January. A look at the charts shows that Centcex had one of the best growths in January. There are several factors that could be driving the bullish growth that Centcex has been experiencing.

As one of the new projects, Centcex has provided one of the best roadmaps. The roadmap is impressive, and the objective of the Centcex project makes it standout. The team just wants to address problems hindering blockchain adoption.

The team is developing products for blockchain technology that eradicate the security and user experience issue. The Centcex website says of an unlimited number of products. In addition to that, staked tokens will share a 100% APY of the generated revenue by the products. These are major factors driving the Centcex bullish condition.


Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is another cryptocurrency doing well in the crypto industry. The Shiba team has been releasing products for the Shiba ecosystem, which is making this project very attractive. In 2022 the team has already released multiple products, but the Shiberse might be one of the biggest products so far. The Shiba Inu team says that it is building its own metaverse, which is one of the best news for the Shiba community.

With the market downturn and the $SHIBA plummeting, Shiberse will be one of the drivers to a bullish coin. The Shiba Inu is currently keeping the community in suspense with the upcoming announcement. There is something cooking, as the team calls it. With all these developments, Shiba will be more than a dog coin.



The involvement of Elon Musk in Dogecoin must be one of the biggest achievements for this cryptocurrency recently. Dogecoin has been doing very, and this growth is somehow driven by the influence of Elon Musk. Since he became of the Dogecoin team of advisors, he has been commenting on the project and marketing on his official Twitter account and interviews.

However, $DOGE acceptance as a payment currency by various companies have been making it strong in the market. The recent big company to adopt Dogecoin is Tesla. They even had a product recently sold using Dogecoin $DOGE, and it was out of shelves in just a short time. Dogecoin has everything to be bullish.


Binance coin

Although Binance coin was one of the most affected cryptocurrencies by the recent crashes, it is also one of the cryptocurrencies with impressive recovery. BNB is one of the most bullish cryptocurrencies during the market breather at the end of this week and month. Together with Bitcoin, Binance coin has been making huge gains.

The bullish condition of the Binance coin might be experienced throughout the year. This is because of the massive campaign and a huge number of products coming up. There is also a larger number of developers coming on the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, BNB is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch this year. The increasing number of tokens on the Binance exchange will make it even stronger.



Ethereum is one of the cryptocurrencies that have benefited from the crypto industry immensely due to its first-mover advantages. This is why Ethereum has been the second-largest cryptocurrency from the start. With a huge market value, Ethereum has also managed to create a huge community around it.

But with a poorly performing blockchain, the Ethereum team has been working on key areas- security, scalability, and decentralization. That’s what the ongoing Eth 2.0 upgrade is working on. With protocol upgrade is already in the second phase, Ethereum is going to be one of the best blockchains in the industry.



Bitcoin has a magic touch that makes it special in the crypto market. It is the golden coin of the crypto industry and the biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Bitcoin adoption and disruption of the mainstream financial institutions is a big concern to many governments. In fact, some like El Salvador have made Bitcoin legal tender.

There is a lot happening at Bitcoin, but the biggest driver is the growing adoption as a payment currency. The number of businesses that are accepting Bitcoin for paying goods and services is growing fast.

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