Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BNB coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitgert, Centcex

Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BNB coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitgert, Centcex

Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BNB coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitgert, Centcex – The Best To Invest In This Bearish Market?


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With so many crypto projects in the market, investors are spoilt of choice. It is becoming very difficult to choose the cryptocurrency to invest in. Sorting through the thousands of them to select the most profitable is becoming tricky. But this list comprises some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in this bearish market. Read be the reasons why they are the best:


1. Bitgert

Bitgert has been one of the most talked-about crypto projects in the market in 2022. The Bitgert team has been delivering on products and has released multiple projects for the past 5 months. But this year has got something unique that makes Bitgert stand out from the rest of the projects.

The team is launching a centralized exchange and the widely anticipated Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain. Both products are coming up in 2022, with the Brise exchange launching in Q1. That is the biggest reason why Bitgert might be the best in the bearish market. For more info, visit the website.


2. Centcex

The other cryptocurrency worth looking at is the Centcex. The crypto project has been making big moves in the market despite being just two months old. The Centcex team is accomplishing a lot going by the latest update. With the Centcex exchange already in development and big milestones already met, this project is headed for greatness.

With the Centcex staking rewards and the unlimited number of products to be developed, this is a project to watch. The staking program is also slated for development in Q1. Therefore staking process might start early this year. Centcex is one of the projects to watch in 2022.


3. Shiba Inu

We all know how Shiba Inu performed in 2021, and there is no reason why it cannot repeat the same or even do better. That’s why many investors are still holding their tokens. But there is a lot the Shiba team is working on that is making it one of the best crypto projects of 2022. The giving of the Shiba token more utility is attracting a lot of investors.

The team has started with making the Shiba Inu ecosystem stronger. The launch of the Doggy DAO is going to make this project very attractive. More investors will have the confidence to invest with the voting rights and whales controls. The coming of NFTs on the products is also attracting investors in 2022.


4. Dogecoin

The growing popularity of Dogecoin is because of a number of factors. One of them is the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency in the real world, and the second is the marketing strategies the Dogecoin team has been employing. Dogecoin has been gaining in the market in adoption for real use, with Tesla being one of the biggest companies to accept it as a currency.

On the marketing, Dogecoin has been gaining a lot of attention due to the involvement of Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk in the team of advisors. In the recent past, Elon Musk has been very instrumental in the marketing of Dogecoin with the comments he has been making. These are some of the reasons that might make Dogecoin big in 2022.


5. Binance coin

There are many people holding on to their Binance coin due to the expected explosion of this cryptocurrency. There are several things that have happened on the Binance chain that is making those coins grow big. The increasing number of developers using the Binance Smart Chain is one of the biggest reasons. The more BSC projects, the higher is the demand for the BNB.

The number of crypto trades on the Binance exchange has also been increasing. In fact, this is the largest exchange in the world based on the volumes of traded crypto. These are two major reasons why the Binance coin is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in this bearish market.


6. Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies and also one of the largest blockchains. The biggest problems have always been slow speed, high gas fees and security issues. Customer experience is also a big problem on the network. But all these limitations are going away soon, making Ethereum one of the best blockchains.

The ongoing Ethereum 2.0 upgrade is one of the major reasons why Ethereum will be the best investment. The upgrade is going to eradicate all the Ethereum network shortcomings by making it one of the fastest, cheapest and safest.


7. Bitcoin

There are many predictions about Bitcoin price in 2022, and most agree that it will be above $100,000. This will be more than a 100% increase by the end of 2022. This is why Bitcoin might be among the best investment in this bearish market. There are a number of factors that might make BTC explode in 2022.

The increasing adoption of Bitcoin by both online and physical stores is growing the cryptocurrency. There is also buying of Bitcoin due to FOMO. The demand for  Bitcoin as a store of value is another factor. Therefore, buying BTC today might be the best decision.

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