Save 65% off a Year of DataCamp Premium When You Sign Up Today

Save 65% off a Year of DataCamp Premium When You Sign Up Today

DataCamp is one of our most-trusted sources for coding tutorials, online skill-building, and continuous learning for both the individual and at the enterprise level.

Between now and February 4th, you can save 65% on annual Premium subscription plans. At $139 for a full year, this deal is not one to pass up. Here are a couple of reasons why.

1. It Uses Real-World Data and Examples

A few of the real-world datasets available on DataCamp.
Image Credit: DataCamp

There’s no better way to prepare yourself for a data science career than analyzing an actual dataset.

DataCamp is able to provide plenty in this regard; you’ll have access to more than a few datasets by some of the biggest names in tech.

It’s not all Meta, Netflix, and finance, either. Other fun datasets that you can play with include NBA shooting data, world population data, and even things like bike-sharing data. You’ll learn how to make important connections between the world around us and the work in front of you and how to utilize this insight in support of a better product.

2. You Can Learn Pretty Much Anything

When you sign up for DataCamp, you’ll be able to choose one of several skill tracks and career tracks—Python, R, SQL, theory, and more are all represented here. Aside from courses on the fundamentals in these languages, you’ll also find full-length curricula on skills like data visualization, deep learning, network analysis, image processing, and much more.


If you’re beyond simple coding exercises and overview videos, you can continue to hone your skills in a sandbox setting using any of a number of coding templates. These unique challenges give you a chance to really explore the field that you’re pursuing at eye-level, right from the comfort of home.

Time series decomposition, trend analysis, and other interesting applications of the skills that you’re trying to build continuously keep the DataCamp experience fresh and interesting.

3. There Are So Many Courses to Choose From

Coding courses on DataCamp.
Image Credit: DataCamp

Hundreds of courses authored by industry leaders can be found here; this course catalog can take you from 0 to 100, all without skipping a beat.

Clearly, the majority of these microclasses cover coding and data analysis, but you’ll also find a lot of fascinating lessons on the world of the industry that you’ll be joining as you progress.

It’s a really well-rounded collection of resources. You’ll learn the hard programming skills required to do the work, and you’ll also be given plenty of context regarding the best ways to implement yourself within tech.

4. It’s Fun to Use

Daily challenges, helpful prompts, and an XP-based system gamify the DataCamp experience. It’s really exciting to feel yourself advance day by day; your classes become something to look forward to.

DataCamp competitions are another way that the platform keeps things interesting, and a slew of cool DataCamp projects incorporate off-beat datasets on things like the pandemic, the cryptocurrency market, and even the image-processing ability of bees into unguided activities that all speak to the power that these skills of interpretation and utilization have to offer.

It’s extremely gratifying to chart your own progress. Watching ourselves grow has got to be one of the most incentivizing motivators that DataCamp has to offer.

5. It’s Got a Dedicated Coding Workspace

The DataCamp workspace.
Image Credit: DataCamp

DataCamp has completely revamped its much-loved JupyterLab workspace into something revolutionary. This browser-based coding workspace makes diving in really easy, especially if you’re just learning to code for the first time.

Your work takes place in a number of code cells, and you can add coding notes with Markdown syntax text cells, as well. You’re also free to swap this new look out for the original JupyterLab workspace, but we have a feeling that you’re going to take a shine to this development, especially if you’ve never used DataCamp before.

6. It’s Affordable

How much does DataCamp cost? You can actually tune into the first chapter of all of its available courses for free. For the full Monty, however, you’ll probably be interested in making the upgrade.

Ordinarily, a Premium annual plan costs $33.25 per month. You’ve got until February 4th to take advantage of the aforementioned promotion, leaving you with a low $11.59 monthly premium.

Right now, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this deal. If a Premium plan doesn’t quite meet your needs, you’ve got a few other options to consider, as well:

  • A Standard annual plan costs $25 per month (this is actually the pricing tier between a Free plan and a Premium plan—you’ll get everything offered here and more if you go Premium before the end of the sale)
  • A Professional annual plan costs $25 per month per user, with two users minimum
  • An Enterprise annual plan can be paid for either per user or on an unlimited basis—to learn more, you can reach out to a DataCamp rep for the actual numbers relevant to your situation

If you’re a teacher or seeking training for your team, you should also inquire into DataCamp for Classrooms and DataCamp for Business. You’ll not only potentially find a price break—you’ll also have access to your own Customer Success Manager or Learning Solutions Architect who can provide guidance on how to see your goals through realistically and create long-term value for your learners.

7. It Makes You More Attractive as a Professional

Having one or more relevant credentials on your résumé might give you a game-changing edge over your competition. It’s no joke—when you upskill through platforms like DataCamp, Coursera, and Udacity, you tend to go further as a professional and earn more in the long run.

You can find plenty of evidence online in support of this tendency, but if you’re interested in what DataCamp in particular has to offer you, you can read a boatload of customer testimonials and success stories on its site, as well as case studies that speak to the brand and its bite-sized approach.

You’ll not only see individuals who were able to elevate themselves through the platform—you’ll also find many managers and even teachers and professors who were able to enrich their entire teams and classrooms through both of the programs mentioned above.

8. It’s Accessible to the Beginner

The Introduction to Data Science course description in DataCamp.
Image Credit: DataCamp

Look, we all have to start somewhere. While there’s plenty to learn for advanced professionals and hobbyists, even total noobs will be able to sink their teeth into a ton of coding classes for beginners.

Don’t take our word for it, though. If you’re just getting started, you’ll find the platform’s Introduction to Data Science course to be an excellent introduction to the world of tech. You’ll learn how these skills relate to the world at large and how you stand to make a difference, including the many potential career paths that you may choose.

9. It’s an Incredibly Effective Remote Learning Experience

The DataCamp flywheel is one that constantly puts something new to learn in front of you. There are four steps to this process: assess, learn, practice, and apply. Whenever you feel like you’re beginning to plateau, you can always find something new to engage with.

Half of the battle with an e-learning platform like this: keeping your students coming back for more. This is one area where DataCamp certainly succeeds—the brand claims that DataCamp learners complete courses at rates up to six times higher than competing services.

We can certainly see why. If you’re subscribing to DataCamp for your entire team, you’ll have access to all of their stats and progress reports, including where they tend to struggle. With insight comes power and solutions.

Sign Up Now for 65% off a Full Year of DataCamp

If it’s time to learn something new, you still have a couple of days to cash in on DataCamp’s January sale. At $11.59 a month, it’s an offer that we, personally, consider to be stellar.

Even at its usual price, your dollar goes further with DataCamp. It’s flexible, hands-on, and on the cutting edge of what this industry demands. Empower yourself and watch the world open up around you.

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