Revealing the Alphabet’s Quantum Journey

Revealing the Alphabet’s Quantum Journey

by Analytics Insight

February 5, 2022

Alphabet’s quantum

Alphabet is driving the quantum computing journey successfully with new companies

Reportedly, Alphabet is on its way to give birth to a new company called Sandbox Technologies, Inc. Google’s well-funded quantum approach made scientific history and kicked off the current quantum computing era in 2019 when the team announced its superconducting quantum computing achieved quantum supremacy. It’s research team has been somewhat quiet since 2019, although has made significant advances in chemical simulation and breakthroughs in error correction with a goal of creating a useful, error-corrected quantum computer by the end of the decade. One of the more intriguing experiments to come out of Google’s quantum division is its work with time crystals. 

From the sound of time crystal, it may seem something fictitious but it is actually something that Alphabet was working on for long. The similar way a grain is made of similar patterns of atom structure, time crystal refers to the same repetitive pattern only made in time. Quantum objects behave like waves, similar to how sonar uses sound waves reflected from solid objects on the ocean floor to detect them. If the medium that the quantum wave travels through contains multiple objects at random locations in space, then the wave could be confined and come to a complete stop. This key insight about quantum waves is what puts a cap on the spread of entropy and allows the production of a stable time crystal, even though it appears to be at odds with the second law of thermodynamics.  Google has described in their paper that it is using its Sycamore processor as a quantum system to observe these oscillatory wave patterns of stable time crystals. Research like this opens the door to many more experiments, not only in physics, but hopefully inspiring future quantum applications in many other fields.

The new quantum company Sandbox would join an industry that is experiencing exponential funding growth and a breathtaking pace of scientific advances. Alphabet’s move would almost certainly be seen by not just the burgeoning quantum field, but the industry at large, as official recognition of the potential for quantum to deliver practical results. In November, Hidary signed a California regulatory filing for a company called SB Technologies, Inc. that will do business in this state and is based in San Francisco. A bare-bones website,, that is linked to that company has also gone live in recent weeks.

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