I could sew it was going to be an eventful night. It was almost midnight, and I knew that life would never be the same for me again. I was about to become a sister. I was thinking at this stage that my brother is about to enter this new world so while looking out sledge at all the faces that were around me. 


 Suddenly – a feeling of sadness came over me as I remembered how Grandma had passed away at the very same hospital a month ago. She had been thrilled at the impending arrival of her grandson. Then suddenly she had fallen ill and died in just one day. My thoughts were interrupted by someone laying a hand on my shoulder.

Another hand came up in front of me and applied a piece of tissue paper wiping the tears while my face to be positioned downwards. Then my father hugged me close to him and whispered, “I miss her too. She was my mother, you know.” I smiled through my tears as I separated from him. Then I sat down on a bench, and he joined me. Across the room, I could see my aunt and uncle asleep on each other’s shoulders. 


 Looking at the watch and having the thought in mind regarding the clock that only five minutes since I last looked. The suspense was terrible. All of us were concerned about my mother. It had been a difficult pregnancy for her, but she had refused any suggestion of cesarian Birth and insisted on:— a standard delivery. The doctor came out every five minutes to tell us that she had US time duration, which sounds of the time, which is accurate to be hard. This only made I could do: I do. I closed my eyes and did the only thing prayer to the at Mother to help my 

 Mother so through a safe delivery. Suddenly the silent sound of the dark night spreading over, and I recognized the voice: Mother. Aunt jumped feet as did Uncle. Then they looked about sheepishly to her and sac down again. I felt a little secure and ore when my father came to join us. We kept silent: car with our thoughts. While at the stage of getting a little bit worried. Then we heard the sound we all wanted to hear. The cry of a baby burst forth. I smiled and went to the door. 


 In a few minutes, the doctor met me. He was smiling. His smile told me everything I wanted to know. -Everything is fine,” he said. He shook my hands and the hands of the others. We thanked him. He acknowledged our thanks and went into his room. We walked into the corridor softly to see my mother. A huge nurse stood there and blocked our way. Then suddenly she smiled and allowed us to see my mother and my baby brother through the glass window. My mother was unconscious, and the little man was fast asleep. I closed my eyes and gave thanks to the Great Mother. 


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