Places to visit in Delhi after lockdown

Are you looking to spend some quality time with friends and family? It will then help you read this article because there are several places that you can explore after a lockdown in Delhi and can try some of the world-famous street foods and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the capital city.

If you are coming from Qatar airways Seattle to Delhi flight or SFO to Delhi Singapore Airline, you will land at the IGI airport of New Delhi; from there, you can check-in to the nearby hotels. There are several five-star/three-star rating hotels available after getting some refreshment. You can move ahead to explore the must to visit place in Delhi.

Meals that you must taste

Butter Chicken – Delhi is otherwise called the spot of the dish’s start, which is presented in 1950. This commended delicacy is quite possibly the most famous dish of the capital. Prominently known as Murg Makhani by sightseers, this velvety delicacy mixes in the perfect notes of flavor with cashew nut glue to give the food sweethearts with perhaps the best curry. The delicious chicken in the smooth sauce is a great joy. 

CholeBhature – If you need to attempt the genuine taste of cholebhature, you can visit any cafés of Chandni Chowk (Old Delhi) or Connaught place (New Delhi). The primary spot that goes to our psyches after going over the above dish is Delhi. Delhi is the able spot to get a taste from. 

Maybe, the best road food in Delhi; this dish is known for its cushy Bhature and a tempting Chole. There is an exceptional chutney that these merchants will, in a general offer which makes it surprisingly better. 

Fish curry – Made for non-vegans and an absolute necessity attempt dish for them. A vegetable plate of mixed greens or hacked onions with plain rice or jeera rice served close by curry gives an extraordinary taste. This is another enticing dish of Delhi. Singed fish is covered with garam masala and pepper to give it a red surface, and the flavor is added for taste. This is a traditional dish in southern parts, just as all through the country. Fish fry is served on large banana leaves with cut onions and lemon. 

Desserts – Several lines governed Delhi for hundreds of years, and this is the motivation behind why it is celebrated for its multi foods. Delhi has numerous little shops serving the sweet rice pudding known as kheer. However, the Siddique family has recognized their slowdown in Old Delhi’s center as a culinary milestone. Local people say the otherworldly dishes of kheer can start love between young couples who share them. Accompany time to talk — proprietor Jamaluddin Siddique is inclined to profound discussions and offers guidance spots with each tear into you take. Kheer is made smooth, delicate, and transportive with the fragrance of ground cardamom. It is a dish that has lived in the old city for quite a long time and addresses Delhi comfort food at its best. 

Locations that you can stopover 

Red Fort 

The excellent Red Fort was worked by Shah Jahan in 1648 and filled in as Mughal’s seat until 1857. These red sandstone dividers cover a territory of more than two square kilometers, the whole of which is bow formed and encircled by a channel. The great principal entrance, the Lahore Gate, is so named as it faces towards Lahore in Pakistan, while the head utilized the much more excellent Delhi Gate for formal parades. 

Mahatma Gandhi Museum 

He was quite possibly the most powerful pioneer in India’s long and disturbing battle for freedom. Even after his death by the Hindu fanatic NathuramGodse not long after freedom, he keeps on being an urgent piece of present-day India’s personality. Furthermore, the National Gandhi Museum, also called the Gandhi Memorial Museum, is where you should set out toward becoming familiar with this inconceivable pioneer. First opened in Bombay, presently Mumbai, the museum ultimately moved to New Delhi’s Rajghat zone. 

Lotus Temple 

Planned by Iranian-American designer FariborzSahba, the Lotus Temple was finished in November 1980 and was opened for general society in December 1986. Additionally, the engineer won recognition for the task before the fruition of the temple project. You can take help from Manali taxi Service Company to book your taxi any part at affordable cost. Manali taxi is one of the famous taxi company in Delhi India.

The Lotus Temple is one of the seven Baha’i Houses of Worship, has won various structural honors and has likewise been highlighted in numerous papers and magazines. Later in 2001, a report pronounced Lotus Temple as quite possibly the most visited structures on the planet. 

India Gate 

It was underlying 1931 as a remembrance for saints of World War I and battle in Afghanistan. At Rajpath, the design glances stunning in night lights. The nurseries that line the design are an absolute necessity visit among the touring places in Delhi. It is one of the well-known vacationer spots to visit in Delhi around evening time. 

On the off chance that you are in Delhi on Republic Day, you should visit the India Gate Parade, which is a lofty and the most ceremonious occasion of India. Many visitors and the local public present during the event and honor their political dissidents and incredible heads. 


It is situated in the cutting-edge city of New Delhi, which is the World’s Largest Sundial. Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur develops this. Jantar Manta is an assortment of cosmology instruments. There is likewise a temple of Bhairava, which is situated close to the structure. 

Maharaja Jai Singh II built this master piece. Perhaps the most visited vacation destination in Delhi is a visit to appreciate Indian space science study. There are heaps of instruments like Chakra Yantra, SamratYantra, Jai Prakash Yantra, DishaYantra, Rama Yantra, RashiwalayYantra, which can pull in the guests. This spot put together regularly witnesses a few social occasions.

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