Photography Tutorial: When NOT to use Flash


Photography Tutorial: When NOT to use Flash

It may seem like a little peculiar. Where there is light, there is no need of flash. You should use flash to take picture inside a room. Photography craves for light. The more the merrier.
Using flash may prove to provide opposite of what is expected from the photography. Sometimes fully white, a little burned here and there or sometimes full shadow. Nothing similar to what you have seen with open eyes.
If you take photo from nearby, the picture will be burned. Flash works till 10 feet. As a result, everything nearby is bright and after that fully dark. Besides, small cameras’ flashes create red eyes like horror films. The subject became more complex in modern cameras. The camera itself opens the flash. Sometimes cameras even deny closing the flash.
Too many bad things have been said about the flash. Flash is actually needed. But you must know at which times you should not use flash:

  • Don’t use flash to take picture after 10 feet distance. As a result, people will be disturbed, battery will be drained. Besides, you will not see any influence of flash.
  • At the time of games or concert at the stadium, you may have seen many flashes lit, but it has no connection with photography. They are just lit to show lights. Many people know that flash don’t work but don’t know how to make it stop.
  • It is also seem that flash is necessary to take picture inside the room. For more lights, more aperture, slow shutter speed, more ISO gives unclear pictures of speedy images. Still they are real pictures. If you use flash, you will find still picture of a moving fan. It can’t be called a good picture.

When you SHOULD use Flash:

You may see it absurd but you should use flash while in bright daylight. Because the places shadow lurks while in the sunlight, flash reduces those shadows and brightens up the picture.
Wherever there are mixture of high and low lights, you will get a better picture using flash.
Sometimes, if you want higher shutter speed in the middle of low lights, you may use flash.
The statement is actually true for built-in flash. SLR cameras use different flashes with multiple control buttons. Using remote flash, you may use three flashes keeping at three directions. At the time of taking pictures, all three flashes will be lit. Some flashes have removal of red-eye. Don’t take those into consideration here.
Even many built-in flashes have controls for reducing or increasing light. The settings used for 3 feet cannot be used for 8 feet. Fill Flash, Slow sink many settings are available in the flashes.

Using AKVIS SMARTMASK to remove background of inages in Adobe Photoshop

How to stop flash or how to reduce or increase light- all depends on certain types of cameras. If you want to know them, please see the manuals.
Lastly, don’t think you have to reduce usage of flash. Just try to take more and more pictures without flash. And when you use flash, don’t take it as source of light only. They have also many other properties. You should know about them too.

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