Organizational Adoption of Cryptocurrencies in India

Cryptocurrencies in India

Organizational adoption of cryptocurrencies in India is necessary to drive revenue 

While some nimble organizations have already gotten involved in cryptocurrency adoption, there are still many funds and investors who are eager to allocate part of their portfolio to crypto but face hurdles that are preventing them from jumping in just yet. Organizational adoption of cryptocurrency in India is still in the first stage. 

From the survey, it is observed that out of 268 responses received related to organizational adoption of cryptocurrency 23.5% of respondents use cryptocurrency in their business or their organization pays them in cryptos. While the other 76.50% of responses were negating the fact of organizational adoption. In India organizational adoption of cryptos is still something that is yet to evolve. Cryptocurrency is still not seen as a payment asset for organizations. Nevertheless, with time there are chances for the adoption of crypto coins by big organizations.  

Cryptocurrencies in India

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