Logitech Combo Touch vs. Logitech Folio Touch: What’s the Difference?

Logitech Combo Touch vs. Logitech Folio Touch: What’s the Difference?

A keyboard is a must-have accessory for an iPad, especially if you plan to replace your laptop. However, Apple’s own keyboards for the iPad Pro are pretty expensive. For instance, the Magic Keyboard costs nearly $300.

Hence, most people who are price conscious to look at third-party options to save money. And Logitech is one of the best third-party keyboard manufacturers for the iPad. The company offers two keyboards for the iPad Pro at different price points—the Combo Touch and the Folio Touch.

Here, we’ll compare the two models to help you decide which one’s best for you.

1. Logitech Combo vs. Folio Touch: Price

Logitech Folio Touch kickstand
Image Credit: Logitech

Let’s start with the price, which may be the deciding factor for most people. Of the two models, the Logitech Combo Touch is the pricier one, costing you $200 for the 11-inch iPad Pro and $230 for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It’s a whole hundred dollars cheaper than Apple’s Magic Keyboard, though. However, Logitech’s Combo Touch doesn’t make your iPad float, like the Magic Keyboard does.

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If you want to save more money, the Folio Touch may be the ideal choice, setting you back just $160 for the 11-inch iPad Pro. Unfortunately, Logitech’s Folio Touch isn’t available for the 12.9-inch model, so if you have the bigger iPad, you have no choice but to go with the more expensive Combo Touch.


2. Logitech Combo vs. Folio Touch: Design

Logitech Combo Touch typing
Image Credit: Logitech

Design-wise, both of these keyboards are more similar than you might think. Both the Combo Touch and the Folio Touch feature a fabric case that offers a nice look and feel.

And they both have a kickstand, which can be adjusted anywhere between 20 degrees and 60 degrees for that perfect viewing angle. Both models are flexible enough to offer four different modes, for typing, viewing, sketching, and reading. They have a case lip to protect your iPad Pro’s display as well.

Neither of these keyboards relies on Bluetooth for connectivity. Instead, they use Apple’s Smart Connector, meaning you don’t have to pair it or charge the keyboard separately.

Where these two keyboards differ is the weight. The Folio Touch is heavier, weighing 642 grams, compared to the more premium, yet lighter, Combo Touch at 574 grams. The Folio Touch is also thicker than the Combo Touch.

One significant difference between these two models is that the keyboard on the Combo Touch is fully detachable, whereas it’s physically attached to the case on the Folio Touch.

3. Logitech Combo vs. Folio Touch: Keys and Trackpad

Logitech Folio Touch typing
Image Credit: Logitech

The typing experience is nearly identical as both the keyboards offer 1mm key travel and have an 18mm key pitch (distance between each key). Whether you go with the Combo Touch or the Folio Touch, you’ll get backlit keys for typing in the dark. Plus, you can also adjust its brightness, if necessary.

The arrow keys are where these two models differ, though, with the Combo Touch adopting an inverted T layout, whereas the Folio Touch gives you larger Left/Right arrow keys.

Moving on to the trackpads, the one on the Logitech Combo Touch is slightly larger in terms of width, sitting at 4.5 inches. On the other hand, the Folio Touch’s trackpad is 3.5 inches wide. Although the trackpads have the same height, the top edge of the Folio Touch’s trackpad is not clickable, meaning the actual usable area is even less.

Fortunately, the Combo Touch doesn’t have this issue. So, if you’re someone who relies on gestures a lot, the Combo Touch may be the better buy.

4. Logitech Combo vs. Folio Touch: Apple Pencil Storage

The Logitech Folio Touch has a magnetic flap to lock your iPad in place. This flap has a slit to store your Apple Pencil securely. So you don’t have to worry about losing it when you’re carrying your iPad around.

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On the other hand, the Logitech Combo Touch relies on the magnets in your iPad Pro to hold your Apple Pencil in place. Although these magnets are strong, this option isn’t as reliable as the flap on the Folio Touch. Therefore, the cheaper keyboard takes the cake here.

Pick the Right iPad Pro Keyboard for You

You can’t go wrong with either of these keyboards from a purely typing perspective. Mostly, it comes down to the price. For $199, you get a keyboard that’s sleeker and detachable, but for $40 less, the Folio Touch is still an excellent buy for many.

That said, if you have the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you have no choice but to go for the more premium Logitech Combo Touch, as a larger version of the Folio Touch isn’t available for sale. Thankfully, you still have similar offerings from many other manufacturers.

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