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February 1, 2022


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitgert project, Centcex project, etc. are providing the best crypto projects

The crypto market’s high is volatility nature makes it ideal for frequent updates to keep investors informed. Now with the number of cryptocurrencies coming into the crypto industry growing fast, there is so much information that crypto investors need to have for better trading. So what’s the latest news from the best crypto projects of 2022? Here is some of the latest news crypto enthusiasts need to know from these crypto projects:



The Bitgert project has been releasing news about the project’s development through their social media platforms. The most recent news from the team is the introduction of the Bitgert metaverse, which is the latest product. It is not in the main Bitgert roadmap, but a very good move by the team to enter the metaverse industry. Metaverse is one of the next big crypto industries, and with Bitgert entering means great things in the future.

The Bitgert team has also been releasing news about the ongoing listing on a tier-1 exchange in this Q1. The team has also confirmed the completion of all legal processes and documentation needed for the listing. The iOS Bitgert wallet might also be coming back.



The Centcex project is in the process of developing more products for its ecosystem. The project is developing a vast range of blockchain-based products. They include staking programs, crypto exchanges, and user bases, among others. According to the team, they will be developing products that offer incredibly high quality, ultra-secure, and user-friendly features. That’s what makes Centcex unique.

The latest news from the Centcex team was on the release of the web version of the Centcex exchange. The team has recently released the images of the exchange, which is now in the advanced development stages. There has also been news about the Centcex exchange UI completion as well as the database structure. Therefore, a lot is going on at Centcex.



As the February crypto market opened in bull condition, Bitcoin has posted good gains today, with the coin already in green. Bitcoin is now trading above $38k. This is the month that is known to be bullish, and starting in high is a sign for good things to come for Bitcoin holders. There has been a lot of news about Bitcoin. One of them is the IMF’s request to El Salvador to have Bitcoin stripped off its legal tender status.

The increasing call by major economies to regulate crypto is seen as a target to Bitcoin. The US government seems is has been pushing for this, and FED has been putting some pressure on the market. Even amid all these bottlenecks, the demand for Bitcoin continues to grow as more merchants globally accept BTC payments.


Shiba Inu

The latest news about Shiba Inu is the surging price. After recording dips in the morning, Shiba has today made an impressive recovery to post a 5% rise in green at the time of this writing. This is good news for all the #ShibaArmy that bought the dip yesterday. The fast-growing Shiba Inu community is one of the updates from the team. The project is boasting of over 2.7 million followers on Twitter.

But the news about the Shiba Inu entering the metaverse industry is still reverberating across the crypto industry. The Shiberse will definitely be one of the biggest products the team will be releasing soon and will be giving $SHIB more utility. The news about the Doggy DAO launch has also been a major factor.



It is good news for the Ethereum holders as the first day of February has started with a bullish coin. This morning Ethereum is surging first and has recorded over 9% growth in the last 24 hours to trade at $2,700. With the dip Ethereum had recorded yesterday, this is definitely a huge gain. Ethereum might continue growing green, and with the bull market condition, the price surge might continue growing bigger.

In other news, the Ethereum team is still pushing with the Eth 2.0 protocol upgrade. The platform upgrade is in the second phase. The team has recently announced a new hash rate ATH due to the ongoing implementation of the PoS protocol. There is so much that is coming up from Ethereum as the platform upgrade continues.



Good news for the Dogecoin holders this morning, as the cryptocurrency has been making impressive gains. With the over 4% in green, Dogecoin investors are making good returns, especially those who bought the dip. There is more news that made headlines, including $DOGE used as currency at Tesla.

Tesla availed Cyberwhisle, one of their products, for the Dogecoin holders. At just 355 DOGE, the product was out of the market in just a short time. This is one of the major products since Tesla accepted Dogecoin for purchasing merchandise.


Binance coin

Another big currency making enormous gains in today’s bullish market is the Binance coin. The coin has gained 3% as of this writing to trade at over $380. This is a good sign for Binance coin holders, who expect the cryptocurrency to hit the predicted $614 by the end of the year. But there has been at Binance making news recently.

The Binance SAFU, an insurance fund, has just been valued at $1B. This insurance cover is meant to protect users has been growing and will be useful in case of breaches and so on, where users’ assets might be lost. This is good news for Binance coin holders. The growing token numbers in the Binance exchange and trading pairs have also been exciting news.

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