Know Top 10 BI Stocks to Buy and Begin 2022

by Disha Sinha

January 16, 2022

BI stocks

Investors of BI must check out the top ten BI stocks to gain profit in 2022

Cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence are flourishing in the global tech market. It has also produced business intelligence through automation to have effective data management to make data-driven decisions efficiently. The global business intelligence market size is expected to hit US$40.50 billion in 2026 with a CAGR of 12%. Thus, investors are leaning towards stocks of business intelligence to gain profit in digital wallets with high stability. This is an investment alert for investors of BI to buy the top business intelligence stocks in January 2022 to have a profitable year ahead. Let’s explore some of the top ten BI stocks to kick-start 2022 without considering incurring losses.


Top Ten BI Stocks in 2022

Verint Systems, Inc.

Current price: US$53.67

Market cap: US$3.53 billion

Verint Systems, Inc. is known as one of the popular BI stocks for its customer engagement solution with a wide range of services. Investors of BI and companies can utilize its products and services such as forecasting and scheduling, quality and compliance, interaction insights, real-time work, self-service, case management, enterprise experience, and many more.


Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation

Current price: US$88.07

Market cap: US$46.26 billion

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation is one of the top business intelligence stocks with four segments such as financial services, healthcare, products, and resources, as well as communications, media, and technology. This BI stock is known for offering RPA, analytics, business intelligence, fraud detection, and many more across the world.


CDK Global, Inc.

Current price: US$43.26

Market cap: US$5.12 billion

CDK Global, Inc. is popular for being a BI stock with integrated data and technology solutions to heavy equipment industries and so on across the world. This stock of business intelligence is known for offering data management and business intelligence solutions to automotive retailers and OEMs through Neuron intelligent data platform.


MongoDB, Inc.

Current price: US$432.49

Market cap: US$28.87 billion

MongoDB is one of the top BI stocks as well as business intelligence tools with a general-purpose database platform across the world. It offers a wide range of services for effective data management such as MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, MongoDB Atlas, and many more. Companies can run these services in the cloud, on-premise, as well as in a hybrid environments.


Snowflake, Inc.

Current price: US$307.14

Market cap: US$94.08 billion

Snowflake, Inc. is a well-known business intelligence stock providing a cloud-based data platform in the US. Investors of BI can utilize Data Cloud which is an ecosystem that allows customers to consolidate data into a single source of truth through business intelligence and insights.


Perficient, Inc.

Current price: US$108.82

Market cap: US$3.58 billion

Perificient, Inc. is another stock of business intelligence that investors of BI can buy in 2022. It is known for offering digital consultancy services and solutions in the digital and technology strategy, data and intelligence solutions in the area of business intelligence. This BI stock provides a wide range of services including marketing automation research and so on.


Teradata Corporation

Current price: US$44.77

Market cap: US$4.86 billion

Teradata Corporation is one of the top business intelligence stocks as it provides a hybrid cloud analytics software for investors of BI. The solutions consist of software, hardware, and other business consulting and support services. It helps to deliver analytics in the analytical ecosystem through Teradata Vantage for businesses.


Domo, Inc.

Current price: US$46.39

Market cap: US$1.51 billion

Domo, Inc. is a popular BI stock for investors of BI that operates a cloud-based platform in the US. The platform of this stock of business intelligence digitally connects from the CEO to people and data in an organization. It helps to provide real-time data and insights to manage the business from smart devices.



Current price: US$59.55

Market cap: US$4.02 billion

Alteryx is one of the best business intelligence stocks for its Alteryx Intelligence Suite with automated machine learning and text mining. It helps to unlock data from images with NER as well as PDFs with OCR capabilities. Businesses can leverage this business intelligence platform to have a better understanding of emotions behind the real-time data with sentiment analysis.


Varonis Systems, Inc.

Current price: US$42.72

Market cap: US$4.59 billion

Varonis Systems, Inc. is one of the top stocks of business intelligence for BI investors in 2022. It is known for providing software products and services to gain effective enterprise data management across the world. This BI stock offers DatAdvantage, DatAlert, DataPrivilege, Data Transport Engine, and many more to adopt business intelligence in a company.

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