Integrating Cloud Platforms for Digital Transformation through Automation

Integrating Cloud Platforms for Digital Transformation through Automation


iPaaS is driving digital transformation for effective automation in 2022

Cloud integration is an emerging and growing cutting-edge technology in recent years in the global tech market. Almost all organizations, especially, tech companies, have started adopting digital transformation through cloud integration. Cloud integration is mostly popular as iPaas or Integration Platform-as-a-Service for integrating cloud data and applications efficiently and effectively. The global iPaas market is expected to hit US$13.9 billion in 2026 with a CAGR of 30.3%. Meanwhile, some companies need to know about the fundamentals and minute details of cloud integration before installing it in the existing computer system. This advanced technology is needed to automate business processes as well as share data across applications across the country. 

Organizations need to know essential details on iPaas or integrated cloud platforms to work efficiently with automation and cloud computing. In this way, organizations can reduce or eliminate manual and time-consuming processes to remove dependency as well as enhance speed and accuracy across all computer systems. 


Different kinds of iPass cases for companies 

  • A2A integration (Application-to-Application)
  • B2B integration (Business-to-Business)
  • CSI (Cloud Service Integration)
  • IoT integration 
  • MAI (Mobile Application Integration)
  • Microservices Integration 
  • Data Integration 
  • Platform Integrations
  • Event Stream Integration


Reaping the benefits of the cloud integration platforms

  • Faster integration while eliminating time-consuming planning processes
  • Add value to operations as well as development teams for adopting iPaaS
  • Offers better results with automation and new integration functionalities 
  • Embedded API management across all kinds of applications 
  • Enhance the qualities of exchanging crucial information with partners at the same or different companies


Best use-cases for integration and automation 

  • Hybrid cloud integration through quote-to-cash data flows, front-/back-office integration, trouble ticket resolution, and many more
  • Enterprise data pipeline to boost the time to in-depth insights for automating data pipelining 
  • Empowering cloud analytics to deliver any kind of real-time data from any source to data warehouse and analytics tools in an organization 
  • Data privacy management to quickly adapt to privacy regulations by automating workflow
  • Retire legacy integration platforms to reduce technical debt by eliminating the time and cost usually spent 


Key functionalities of iPaas in a computer system 

  • Multiple iPaaS platforms support similar methods to connect different applications, platforms, and systems efficiently 
  • There is an ease of use for deployment of platforms, data integration, app management processes, and many more 
  • There is a level of support for SaaS as well as locally-hosted applications 
  • Flexibility is offered to build custom connectors as well as change access mechanisms
  • There is support for real-time processing and batch data integration 
  • One can monitor defects, failures, workflow performance, resource utilization, etc. 


Emerging and major cloud platform providers for any budget in 2022

iPaaS solutions and providers must provide the following features to one organization— user-friendly workflow tools, API management tools, templated integrations, high-level security, and so on. 

  • Boomi offers an iPaaS platform for intelligent connectivity and automation with 65% faster integration development 
  • Workato is a single platform for integration and workflow automation across an organization with enterprise power, serverless operation, speed, and maximum security
  • TIBCO Cloud fuels the modern enterprise with TIBCO connected intelligence for making smarter decisions efficiently
  • SnapLogic is known for offering an elastic integration platform as well as an intelligent integration platform to govern integration flows
  • Informatica provides intelligent cloud integration services such as cloud data integration and cloud application integration with broad ecosystem support and industry-leading security
  • offers the most intuitive iPaaS for data integration as well as process automation at one dynamically scalable platform 
  • Jitterbit helps to connect SaaS and cloud applications while infusing intelligence into any business process

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