Safemoon Holder

Safemoon Holder

Crypto analysts say that Bitgert is among the interesting crypto projects that might kill Safemoon.

Key Points:

  • Safemoon roadmap delivery has been slow compared to Bitgert and other chains.
  • Bitgert is fast delivering its roadmap and has the fastest-growing ecosystem
  • Bitgert BRC20 chain mass adoption will keep the price surging

If you are still holding Safemoon from the ATH, then your investment must have reduced almost 90%. Even for the crypto investors that bought Safemoon coins when the Safemoon V2 was launched, they are also counting losses because the coin has been plummeting. That’s why looking for another coin is recommended for the Safemoon investors to help recoup the losses.

Safemoon’s poor performance has been driven by a number of factors, and the collapse of the price at the start was one of the major reasons. Immediately after launching, the Safemoon price grew bullishly but would then pull back immediately due to the massive sell by the whales.

The Safemoon team would then start working on the Safemoon V2, which was expected to address the problem. However, the launch of the Safemoon V2 did very little to this project. In addition to what looked like a pump and dump scheme, the Safemoon team has been very slow in delivering the roadmap. That’s why holders are suing the Safemoon project.

But if you are still holding Safemoon and waiting for the coin to grow bullish again, you might need to consider diversifying by buying Bitgert (BRISE). Bitgert has been one of the toughest Safemoon competitors. In fact, crypto analysts say that Bitgert is among the interesting crypto projects that might kill Safemoon.

This is because there is a huge number of Safemoon investors moving to Bitgert. The most attractive things about Bitgert are the powerful BRC20 blockchain, the fast-growing ecosystem, and the disruptive projects. Bitgert BRC20 is the only gasless blockchain in the market and the fastest chain today. Bitgert chain supports 100k TPS. The gas fee on the Bitgert BRC20 is $0.0000000000001.

The lowest gas fee and the fastest chain is the reason the adoption of the Bitgert chain is the highest today. Safemoon still does not have its own blockchain like Bitgert. But the Bitgert team is delivering more than Safemoon. There are Bitgert products in the Bitgert roadmap V2, and over a thousand new projects are joining the Bitgert chain in the next few months.

Therefore, Bitgert is expected to be the fastest-growing ecosystem, faster than Safemoon. Crypto analysts say that Bitgert has the potential to explode 1000x in the next few months because of these developments. This makes Bitgert an ideal crypto investment for Safemoon holders.

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