How Will Augmented Reality Improve the Online Casino Experience?

Augmented Reality

This article features how will Augmented Reality improve the online casino experience?

Many technologies once considered fictional have made their presence known throughout our daily lives. Artificial intelligence, smart cars, GPS devices, and even the humble mobile phone were nothing but dreams a handful of years ago. This is why a growing amount of attention has centred around the use of augmented reality (AR) and how it is set to impact the online gaming sector. In fact, research suggests that industries such as digital casinos will immensely benefit from AR. Let us first take a look at the main purposes of augmented reality before moving on to discuss how it may affect online casinos.


AR at a Glance

Augmentedrealityisanemergingtechnologywhichallowsuserstoenjoy a much more immersive digital experience. As the name may already suggest, the primary goal is to provide a realistic virtual environment that offers a high degree of interaction and customisation. Here are some of the current applications of AR:

  • Providing virtual walkthroughs of an apartment for sale.
  • Offering 360-degree views of a specific product listed online.
  • Allowinguserstomanipulatethecharacteristics of an item (such as changing the size or colour of a dress).

Themaintakeawaypointhereisthataugmentedrealityoffers a decidedly personalized appeal, as many features can be changed based on the needs of the end-user. So, how might this technology fit into the online casino sector and what benefits can it offer?


What About the Online Casino Sector?

Currentstudiessuggestthattheremay is as many as 1.7 billion mobile AR users by the year 2024. Thisiswhythe online casino industry has understandably taken notice. This sector is also becoming highly competitive, so it only stands to reason that firms are looking to gain an edge. AR isperfectlysuitablewithinsuchaneconomicclimate.

To be clear, there are countless roles in which augmented reality may eventually play within the online casino community. One example can be in the form of a virtual “meeting room” that allows players to interact with one another in digital real-time settings. They may even be able to choose their own avatars and virtual identities.

Another side of AR comes in the form of how the games will be played. Sites such as Comeon online casino already work with the thelatestplatforms and the most trusted software developers. AR could enable these games to become even more immersive. Whenwethenrememberthat VR headsets are becoming somewhat commonplace, it becomes clear to see that these two technologies will forever change the online gaming landscape.

When might AR make its presence known throughout the online gaming sector? While no one knows for certain, there is no doubt that will be released in increments (partially in line with advancements in processing power and the spread of 5G wireless communications). Either way, it is a foregone conclusion that augmented reality is here to stay and that players will enjoy what is in store.

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