How To Upgrade Gmail Storage Free

How To Upgrade Gmail Storage Free?

Gmail Storage is a major concern for people who are using Gmail. In this article, we will talk about How To Upgrade Gmail Storage free. We will provide some tips and tricks on How To Upgrade Gmail Storage free. There are many methods that you can use to upgrade your storage space in Gmail for free. You need not worry about How To Upgrade Gmail Storage anymore because we have the solution right here!

How To Upgrade Gmail Storage

So, let’s start with our first tip. If you are a Chrome user, then there is no need to worry about How To Upgrade your Gmail Storage space because here in this article, we will provide how can you get 50 GB of free storage for a lifetime using your Google+ account, which requires the use of chrome browser only.

Now, if you are not willing to pay even a single penny for upgrading Gmail storage and want it free too, then here in this blog post, we have a complete solution that provides a 100GB free cloud drive where you can store all your files safely without any issues regarding security or privacy. So let’s quickly jump onto the following tips!

So now, coming back to the main topic, i.e., How To Upgrade Gmail Storage free? Let us tell you that most people are using this free cloud drive to store their personal and official files. You can also do so by following some simple steps mentioned below in detail, So read carefully!

How To Upgrade Gmail Storage Free?

If you are not aware of how much storage space does Gmail provides? Then let us tell you that it comes with 15GB free for every user along with paid subscriptions too where one can get upto 30 GB or even more according to plan opted. But what if I say How to upgrade gmail storage space free without spending a single penny? There is no magic trick behind it, but yes, Google gives lots of bonus points on your purchase, and through those points, you can upgrade Gmail storage whenever required. Let’s see how you can earn such points and upgrade Gmail storage without spending a single penny.

#1 Through Searching on Google

The easiest way to earn these points is by using the Google search engine. You will get 1 point for every two searches that you make on any topic of your choice.

So let’s suppose you have earned 200 GB worth of points; then what can you do with it? Well, these Google search engine bonus points are the easiest way to upgrade Gmail storage for free.

All that is required from your side is just a little bit of patience and regular practice until you reach at least 800-1000 GB worth in your account, which will automatically convert into Gmail Storage space, i.e., 15GB or more according to plan opted by user! You need not spend any amount on How To Upgrade Gmail Storage free because here we provide a 100% free method to store all files safely without compromising security and privacy issues…

Now, coming back to the topic, how can one get started using such points (received through Google searches) to upgrade Gmail storage? Here we have provided three easy steps that you need to follow to get started with this method. So let’s begin!

Step -01: First of all, open the Google Chrome browser and install the extension, i.e., “Save To Cloud”, available for free on the chrome store. It will ask your permission to save all files coming from a particular website (i.e., Gmail). Just click on Allow button to continue further…

Now, after installing such extensions, the next thing required from your side is just a little bit of patience until points accumulate enough to be exchanged into Gmail Storage space or whatever plan the user has! You’d need any money because here we provide a 100% free method where you will store all files safely without compromising security and privacy…

Step -02: The next thing required from your side is to log in with your Gmail account along with your Google+ profile. So let’s quickly log in using both of them (Gmail & G+) to take full advantage of such bonus points accumulated through search engine results!

Now after logging into both accounts, you are almost ready to go since now only one step remains, i.e., saving any file directly on cloud storage rather than downloading it first then uploading again, which takes more time but here there won’t be any need for that because “Save To Cloud” extension works amazingly well by simply clicking on Save option whenever you want to save any file on cloud storage without downloading it first…

More ever, there won’t be any security and privacy issues since data remains encrypted at all times when uploaded onto Google servers which means nobody except you can access your documents unless you want them to via sharing option. So what are you waiting for? Just follow these steps carefully, then sit back, relax and start!

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#2 Through Google store

Another method is purchasing certain items from the Google store, which will give you some bonus points.

#3 Through Surveys or Filling out Forms

The last method to earn these points is by taking part in some surveys or filling out forms.

  • You can get 10 points for filling out a survey
  • This will occur on an ongoing basis.


All of the methods involve some work, but they are worth it because of the generous amount of rewards that accompany them.

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