How to Stream Torrent Files Without Downloading on Android

How to Stream Torrent Files Without Downloading on Android

You don’t need to download torrents on your phone. You can stream them instead. Here’s how to stream torrent files on Android.

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Finding and downloading legal torrents on your Android smartphone or tablet is not a difficult task. However, often because of the large size of the videos, you will need to wait for hours before you can watch the content.

On a desktop, you can stream torrents with WebTorrent and other apps without downloading them. On Android, your options are limited but it is possible. Here we show you the three ways to stream torrent files without downloading them on Android.

1. Stream a Torrent on Android With WebTor

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WebTor is a torrent streaming service available as a web app. You can paste the magnet link for a torrent and start streaming right away. It also supports subtitles, on-the-fly transcoding, and direct downloading.

  1. To stream a torrent, open WebTor and simply paste the torrent’s magnet link or info hash in the URL field. WebTor will load and open the video in a new tab.
  2. You can watch the video in full-screen mode, enable or disable subtitles, and even copy a stream URL.
  3. Additionally, tap on the Download icon to download the video to your phone’s storage.

The only issue with the app seems to be the pop-up and in-page ads, which are quite annoying. Otherwise, WebTor is an excellent service to stream torrents on Android.

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2. Stream a Torrent With uTorrent for Android

The uTorrent client on Android supports a preview file feature. You can use this feature to play torrents as they start downloading. While the torrent will continue to download in the background, you can continue to play the video without waiting for the download to finish.


Download: uTorrent (Free, in-app purchases available)

To stream torrent files using uTorrent:

  1. Open the uTorrent app on your Android smartphone. Tap on the Add (+) icon and paste the magnet link for the torrent you wish to stream.
  2. Tap on Add, and the app will start downloading the torrent. Wait for at least 5% of the download to complete for a buffer-free experience.
  3. Next, tap on the torrent to view all the files inside its zip archive.
  4. Tap the three-dots menu for the main file and select Play In This App.
  5. uTorrent will buffer momentarily and then start playing the video.

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3. Stream a Torrent Using Telegram Bot and VLC Player

If you don’t want to use a web app, you can use the Telegram app and VLC Player to stream torrents on your Android device. You can get started by installing the apps from the Play Store if you don’t already have them.

Download: Telegram (Free) | VLC Player (Free, in-app purchases available)

Now here’s how to stream torrents on your phone.

  1. Copy the magnet link for the torrent you want to download.
  2. Launch the Telegram app and search @uploadbot.
  3. Tap on URL Uploader from the search result and then tap on Start.
  4. Next, paste the copied magnet link and tap Send. URL Uploader will scan the hash for available torrents and populate your screen with all the available files.
  5. Here, look for the files with multimedia extensions, such as MP4, MKV, etc.
  6. Tap and hold on one and select Copy link.
  7. Open VLC Player and tap on New Stream.
  8. Paste the link and tap the Stream button. After a momentary loading, your video will start streaming in VLC Player.

While this is a handy solution, it only works if you manage to find the torrent link with a multimedia extension. For example, if the Telegram bot returns a zip file link for the given magnet URL, it will not work with VLC Player.

Streaming Torrent on Android Without Downloading Them

WebTor is an excellent all-platform torrent streaming client. It is on the web, supports on-the-fly transcoding, and you can even download torrents directly if you want.

However, if you prefer to download torrents in the background while streaming, then the uTorrent app for Android is a good alternative. While the Telegram and VLC Player torrent streaming hack is a handy solution, it is tedious and unreliable.

If you want to stream torrents on your Windows, Mac, or Linux systems, there are multiple desktop and web-based torrent streaming apps to stream torrents on the go.

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The 6 Best Torrent Streaming Apps to Watch Torrents Without Downloading Them

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