How to Recommend a Business on Nextdoor

How to Recommend a Business on Nextdoor: Ideas

Nextdoor is a social networking website for neighborhoods. It’s different from other social media sites because it’s designed to be local and private. Members of the site can ask questions, give recommendations, and discuss their neighborhood with others in the area. There are many ways that you can interact on Nextdoor! Here are some ideas on how you can recommend your business:

Ideas to Recommend a Business on Nextdoor

How to Recommend a Business on Nextdoor
How to Recommend a Business on Nextdoor

Company Information

Make sure your company information appears prominently on all pages of your website.

Be sure to include information about how your company is involved in the community. You can also have a page dedicated specifically for Nextdoor recommendations where people can leave positive reviews, testimonials, and star ratings of your business.

Make sure you have a link to the business profile on Nextdoor.

Nextdoor is a social networking site that allows you to network with people who live near your business. Be sure that customers can easily find and access the account, so they know how to recommend it!

Describe how other companies use their profiles:

Some businesses have an “Open Forum” or even create specific events to answer customer questions and address any concerns.

Others like to take pictures of how workers interact with customers and post them on their profile pages. Consider what would be best for your company and how you want people to see it!

Include the name of the business, address, phone number, and website if applicable:

The company name:

Address information:
Phone number:
Website URL (optional):

By writing how other companies use their profiles, you can include how your business uses its profile. Include the business’s name, address, phone number, and website if applicable in this section! The company name should be at the top, followed by any necessary information for customers to contact them quickly. If there is a link to the Nextdoor account on your site or social media accounts, it would also go here. Be sure that when people recommend your business, they have these details readily available, so they know exactly where to go! You may want to consider whether or not you’d like potential recommendations to see how well employees interact with customers or how well your business is involved in the community.

Describe what your experience with this place is like:

I’m looking for reviews about how people liked their experience with your company. Was it easy to get in touch? Were they friendly and knowledgeable? Would you recommend this business to others? Write how you felt about the service here! If any specific experiences stood out, be sure to mention them. Don’t forget to include how you’d rate your overall experience!

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Add photos of the location

By adding photos of the location, people who recommend your business will have a visual to go along with how they felt about their experience. If you’re able, snap some photos of how it looks inside and outside the building!

Be respectful when recommending businesses

It’s essential to be respectful when recommending a business on Nextdoor. You can list how you felt about the service but don’t mention any destructive issues or experiences with the company unless you want all of your recommendations for them to look like those!

Consider purchasing advertising space on Nextdoor

You could also consider purchasing ad space on the site. Your business will appear prominently in searches and recommendations if you do this! You can link directly to your website or social media profiles from here too, which is an excellent way for people to learn how to recommend your company efficiently.

If there was anything specific that stood out, be sure to mention it in the section! Try not to write any negative reviews unless they are essential since it’s easy for them all to look like bad experiences when potential customers see how many there are next together. If you think it would help other future visitors, go ahead and add how much you’d rate your experience overall, though!


Nextdoor is a website that connects people who live nearby. When you go on Nextdoor, you can see what other people say about how they like businesses. If you want how they talk about how the company helps the neighborhood, then recommend it! First, make sure your business has its page with information on contacting them or linking up to it. If someone wants to recommend your business, tell them what other companies do when they recommend their businesses (have an open forum or take pictures of workers). Including these details will make it easier for people to find your business and connect with you if they want!

I hope this post has given you some good ideas on how to recommend a business! Your company profile should be easily accessible to potential customers and make it immediately clear how they can leave reviews. If possible, consider implementing other ways to interact with the account, like pictures of employees or events. If you need more information on how to use Nextdoor, feel free to contact us!

Thank you for reading my blog post about how to recommend a business on Nextdoor! I hope this article was helpful and easy to read. Did it help give you some ideas?

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