How to Rate Podcasts on Spotify

How to Rate Podcasts on Spotify

Have you ever listened to a Spotify podcast that is so good you have to tell the whole world about it? Here’s how to rate it.

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With millions of podcasts available to listeners, it can be hard for prospective listeners to find podcasts worth tuning in to. In the same way, it can be challenging for small content creators to compete with more established podcasts. Thankfully, Spotify has a solution.

In 2021, Spotify introduced podcast ratings. If you’re an avid podcast listener, you can show your support and help the podcast you love attract more listeners by rating them. Here’s how you can do it across various devices.

How to Rate a Spotify Podcast

Unlike Apple Podcasts, Spotify doesn’t give users the ability to leave reviews—at least not yet. However, you can leave a rating from one to five stars.

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While you can rate a podcast you aren’t following, you cannot rate a show if you haven’t listened to at least 30 seconds of their episodes. If you try to rate an episode you haven’t listened to, you’ll get a message like this.

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Note that Spotify podcast ratings are only possible on Spotify apps but are not available on web players.

To rate using your iOS or Android app:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your device.
  2. Tap the Search tab, then type the podcast’s name on the search bar; this will lead you to the podcast’s show page. If you are on a specific episode, just tap on the podcast’s thumbnail and title to be redirected back to the show page.
  3. Tap the rating immediately underneath the podcast’s description. Alternatively, tap the More (…) icon, then choose Rate show.
  4. Drag your finger or tap on one of the five stars to leave a rating.


Why You Should Rate Podcasts on Spotify

Content creators always ask their listeners for support by encouraging them to follow and rate their page. Here are some reasons why.


As with anything else online, viewers depend on reviews and ratings to gauge something’s worth. With a higher podcast rating, there is a greater chance for potential listeners to give your favorite shows a try.

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In addition, every rating affects the algorithms that help in the discovery process. Many awesome podcasts have hit the airwaves, but you never found out about them simply because their listeners didn’t leave them a rating. With this, you can improve Spotify’s recommendations for you and other listeners in the future by rating your favorite podcasts.


By rating your favorite podcast creators, you also help creators gauge the relevance of their content. Alternatively, you can also let creators know if the quality of their podcast is slipping so that they can address it before they listeners.

Support Your Favorite Podcast

Podcasts are a great source of information and entertainment, especially for people on the go. Generally, they’re also free. If you regularly listen to some awesome podcast, why not do the creators a favor and drop them an excellent rating? In this way, you can help boost their discoverability and encourage the creators to produce more awesome content.

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Why Spotify Is Adding Listener Ratings to Podcasts

You can now assign podcasts a star rating on Spotify and see what the consensus of a show is.

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