How to Put Your PS5 in Rest Mode

How to Put Your PS5 in Rest Mode

Putting the PS5 into rest mode has plenty of advantages, but how do you do it? Just follow these steps…

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Using rest mode on your PS5 is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Putting your PS5 in rest mode essentially places it in a hibernation state, where it’s using less power than if it was on but still able to carry out some pretty useful tasks.

In rest mode, your PS5 can charge controllers, keep active games suspended until you’re ready to come back, and keep games updated while you’re away. But how exactly do you put your PS5 in rest mode? Let’s check it out.

How to Put Your PS5 in Rest Mode

how to choose rest mode option on the ps5

Putting your PS5 in rest mode is super simple, and not too different from putting your PS4 in rest mode, if you own or owned one.

  • Press the PlayStation button on your DualSense controller. You’ll see a menu at the bottom of your screen.
  • In that menu, select the power button in the far right corner.
  • Choose Enter Rest Mode and your PS5 will do the rest!

Your PS5 will tell you this too, but just in case you click through quickly, remember that you shouldn’t disconnect the AC power cord when your PS5 is in rest mode and the power indicator light is lit or blinking. If you do, you’re risking data loss or corruption of your PS5.

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What’s the Difference Between Rest Mode and Turning Your PS5 Off?

When you press the PlayStation button on your controller and select the power button, you’ll see three options to choose from. You can turn the console off, put it in rest mode, or restart it.


When you fully turn off your console, it can’t do anything until you turn it back on. Charging your controllers and updating games in your library requires the PS5 to either be on or in rest mode.

If your goal is to save the most power, turning your PS5 off is your best option. But rest mode exists to be a power-saving middle ground between the console being on and off.

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Learn Everything About Your PS5 Console

The PS5 is the most high-tech console from Sony to hit the market, so there’s bound to be a learning curve, even for previous PlayStation console owners. The user interface got a much needed update, but with that comes relearning where everything was.

A lot of the settings between the PS4 and PS5 are the same, they’re just in a slightly different spot. So be sure to take a deep dive into your console’s settings and learn everything there is to know in between your games downloading.

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