How to Manage Your Amazon Address Book

How to Manage Your Amazon Address Book

Here’s how to add, edit, and remove a postal address on your Amazon account, for desktop and mobile.

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There’s no denying the convenience of Amazon. It has nearly every product you could ask for, available to ship to you in a matter of days. In fact, you don’t have to send it to yourself—you can send something to any address you want.

Amazon has an address book where you can add and manage postal addresses. This will include yours, but perhaps also those of friends, family, or your workplace. Whatever the case, we’re going to show you how to manage the Amazon address book on desktop and mobile.

How to Manage Your Amazon Address Book on Desktop

  1. Sign in to Amazon and, in the top-right, click Account & Lists.
  2. Click Your Addresses.
  3. This displays all the addresses in your address book.

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Your default address is marked accordingly, though you can select Set as Default on another address to change this. It will also tell you whether you have any subscriptions for an address.

To add a new address, click Add Address. Here you can add the details: name, phone number, zip code, and so on. Check Make this my default address if desired. Click Add preferences, notes, access codes and more if you wish to add delivery instructions, but this is optional. When done, click Add address.

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To change details of an address, click Edit, make your adjustments, then click Save changes.


To delete an address, click Remove > Yes. Note that deleting an address doesn’t delete any pending orders going to that address; you should do that manually within Your Orders.

How to Manage Your Amazon Address Book on Mobile

  1. Open the Amazon app.
  2. From the bottom menu, select the Account icon. It looks like a person.
  3. Tap Your Account.
  4. Tap Your Addresses.
  5. This displays all the addresses in your address book. See the instructions above (they’re the same as for desktop) on how to add, edit, and remove these.

Keep Your Address Updated

If you’ve lived in several places over the years, it’s a good idea to get your Amazon address book in order. You don’t want to accidentally send something to your old address because you might be left wondering why your order never arrived.

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