How to Make an Effective CV for the UK?

In the United Kingdom, a CV consists of one page or two and not more. The more experienced you are, the denser the content of your CV should be. Therefore, it is important to focus on priority elements. Young graduates will provide more details on their training, diplomas and internships. On the other side, senior professionals will describe the assignments carried out in the context of their most recent positions. Here are the best tips for creating a CV for the UK.

Showcase Your Key Skills

The first thing to do is to find a quality cv template for uk online. Then, all you have to do is to fill all the sections with your own information. First of all, the classic CV structure is the reverse chronological order. In other words, the most recent experience is presented first. Also opt for tabular presentation. In the UK, it is unnecessary to mention information about the parents’ profession, as young graduates often still have to do in some other countries. Likewise, marital status and religious affiliation are not needed in a British CV.
The CV is neither signed nor provided with a date. It is not customary to add a photo. You should only send this as part of a request from the company. Do not forget to insert your telephone number preceded by the international code corresponding to your home country. Sometimes it makes sense to present your key competencies separately according to the job skills the recruiter is looking for. This section must be inserted in the resume at the same level as the personal information.

Make a CV that Reflects your Personality

Dedicate a section to the language skills. Beyond information such as mother tongue, fluently read, spoken and written, practical knowledge should be explained briefly, as should the knowledge derived. UK recruiters also have a special interest in leisure and volunteer activities. This information allows them to get an idea of the personality of the candidates. During the interview, they often tend to develop this point.

Specify your References

At the end of your curriculum vitae, you should indicate two references or three. They are often former employers or teachers. References must be accompanied by full contact details. The chosen reference people should be made aware that they are likely to receive a call from the United Kingdom and should be prepared to share positive things about you. If you do not have any reference available, you should mention: “References available on request”.

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