How to Create AI Artwork With the Wombo Dream Mobile App

How to Create AI Artwork With the Wombo Dream Mobile App

The capabilities of artificial intelligence just keep expanding, and this includes different kinds of art. We’re going to introduce you to an app that lets you create digital images with the help of AI technology.

Dream by Wombo is available for mobile and online, but the former has more to offer. Learn how to use this AI artwork mobile app and what you can expect from it in just a few steps.

Why Use Dream by Wombo?

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This app is perfect for decorating books, websites, walls, or custom playlist art without hiring a professional illustrator or graphic designer. It’s fast and easy.

Whether you’re on your phone or computer, Dream by Wombo’s AI can quickly produce stunning images in an artistic style of your choice with a simple prompt.

The browser-based version is simple enough to use and has a Mint as NFT option, while it lets you download or buy a print of your AI artwork. The mobile app, however, puts more tools at your disposal.

We’re going to show you how to use Dream by Wombo on your smartphone or tablet, step by step. But first, make sure you have the app.

Download: Dream by Wombo for AndroidiOS (Free)

1. Create an Account or Get Started Without One

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You don’t have to sign up in order to use Dream by Wombo. When you launch the app, just tap the Get Started button and it takes you straight to the AI artwork generator. You can use most of the options after that.


One perk of creating an account is getting access to a gallery where you can save your favorite creations. An account also has direct links to Wombo’s social networks like Discord. If you do decide to join as a member, just sign in to the app and tap the Plus icon on your profile to start a new artistic project.

2. Choose a Prompt and Art Style

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This next step gives you a bunch of options. First off, you can type in a specific prompt or select one from the app’s suggestions. For a particular request, make sure you use a few simple words. The AI does its best to interpret them, but it may fall short sometimes. Fortunately, you can keep trying the same combination until it produces something you like.

Now, select an art style. The app currently has 15 unique options, including:

  • Baroque
  • S. Dali
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Pastel
  • Steampunk
  • Ukiyoe

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You can also go for No Style and let Dream by Wombo find its own artistic vision. Either way, just tap the style you want, and its icon will activate. The Create button will also light up. Select it and the AI will start developing your artwork.

3. Inspect and Name Your AI Art

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Almost every piece Dream by Wombo creates is beautiful, but it doesn’t always meet your expectations. This is because you’re dealing with a machine that’s trying to represent the concept in your head with only a few instructions—another reason why AI can never replace humans.

Expect every outcome to be abstract, and feel free to restart the process with the same prompt and art style. You might get lucky and end up with exactly what you’ve wanted or something even better.

As a final touch, you can give your artwork a name and toggle whether you want the original prompt to be visible.

4. Save, Share, or Buy Your AI Artwork

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Once the image is ready, you still have several options coming your way. To save it, you can go for the Download icon and store the JPG file on your device. You can also set it as your background.

Alternatively, tap Publish and add the new creation to your gallery. From there, you can connect with Wombo on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram, while sharing each artwork on any platform you want.

If you’re in a rush to show people your AI art, there’s a Share button on the final creation page. Click it and choose where to send or post it.

Finally, you have the option to purchase a physical copy of your artwork via the Buy Print button. The costs per unit range from $20 to $100, depending on the print style and size.

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While not an unreasonable price, you can make your own poster or canvas for less. Just download the image before printing and framing it as you see fit.

Let AI Do the Creative Work for You

Despite the flaw of not always getting what you were hoping for, Dream by Wombo is a great AI app for creating quick and eye-catching artwork. Now that you know what to look forward to, see what wonders it can create for you.

There are, of course, a slew of other tools across different platforms using AI technology to help with creative projects. Whether it’s for writing, singing, photography, or other art forms, you can have a lot of fun with artificial intelligence.

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