How to Collaborate on Instagram Posts and Reels with Other Creators

How to Collaborate on Instagram Posts and Reels with Other Creators in 2021

Instagram is making post collaborations easier than ever before with its new “Collab” feature. The feature lets you conveniently partner with other creators (or your friends) on the platform to share feed posts and Reels with both of your followers with ease. In this article, we will teach you how to use Instagram’s Collab feature to join forces with another creator and share collaborated posts and Reels on Instagram.

Use Instagram Collab to Co-Author Posts and Reels (2021)

What is the Instagram Collab Feature?

Instagram Collab is a thoughtful new collaboration feature on the platform. With Instagram Collab, you can add a collaborator to your feed posts and Reels. Yeah, you can add a single collaborator to your content, and not more than that. This way, you can share a post with your followers and the collaborators’ followers without having to post twice. While it’s developed with creators and businesses in mind (as is the case with new Instagram features these days), you can use it to collaborate with friends and post photos/ videos of your recent hike or trip to a theme park.

How to Invite Someone to Collab on Instagram

1. Create a new Instagram post or Reel as you normally would and tap on “Tag People” right before posting it. Then, tap the new button titled “Invite Collaborator” under the photo or video.

Note: Do keep in mind that this button will appear only on public accounts. While you need a public account to start a collaborated post, the other person will get an invite and can accept them even if they have a private account.

invite collaborator instagram

2. Soon after you press “Invite Collaborator”, you will see a search box to look for usernames and invite them. Type the username of the person you would like to collaborate with and tap on their Instagram account from the search results.

tag collaborator

3. After choosing the collaborator, you will see a collaborator tag next to the username of the tagged person. You can now write the caption and share the post. Check the next section to know how to accept a collaboration request on Instagram.

post with collaborator

How to Accept Collab Invite from Instagram Users

1. Soon after the person posts a collaborated post, the second user will get a notification urging them to accept the invitation. Ask the collaborator to check their Instagram DM and tap on “View Invite”.

invite collaborator instagram

2. Instagram will now take you to the post that the other creator just shared. Press the “Review” button from the bottom-right corner to accept or decline a collaboration request. If you accept a request to collaborate on Instagram, the post will show up on your profile and will be shared with your followers.

review and accept invite

3. As you can see below, your username will also appear next to the original author of the post when you accept the collaboration request. This feature could be the next step of evolution in product reveals, photoshoots, and brand partnerships.

accept collaboration

How to Stop Sharing Collaborated Posts on Instagram

1. If you change your mind, you can choose to stop being a collaborator and stop sharing the collaborated post with your followers. To do that, open the post, tap on the vertical three dots icon at the top-right corner, and choose ‘Stop Sharing’.

stop sharing instagram

2. From the confirmation pop-up, tap “Stop Sharing” to remove yourself as the collaborator on this Instagram post.

remove yourself as collaborator

Easily Collaborate on Instagram Posts and Reels

Instagram has been testing collaborated feed posts and Reels in select markets, including India and the UK, for the past few weeks. The company is now expanding the feature to other regions globally. We hope this guide helped you seamlessly collaborate with Instagram users. For more such tips, do not forget to go through our dedicated list of cool Instagram tips and tricks and best Instagram Reels tips.

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