How to Bypass Google Verification on ZTE

How to Bypass Google Verification on ZTE?

Are you searching for How to Bypass Google Verification on ZTE? Then you visited the right place. The steps in this article will help you bypass the google verification process on ZTE.

About ZTE

ZTE is a Chinese multinational company that provides telecommunications equipment, mobile phones, and other electronic products. The company has more than 70,000 employees as of March 2013. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, ZTE operates in 130 countries around the world.

ZTE produces smartphones running Android or Windows Phone operating systems which are then marketed to consumers worldwide. Google Inc.’s Android is one of the most popular smartphone platforms on the market today, with over 2 billion devices activated by November 2014. For this reason, it’s no surprise that people want to bypass google verification for their ZTE phone so they can use another app store besides Google Play Store but have loved apps like Snapchat or WhatsApp installed on their phone without having to go through all the hassle of going to the official Google Play Store.

How to Bypass Google Verification on ZTE

Steps to Bypass Google Verification on ZTE areas:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your ZTE phone.
  2. Select “Security” and then select “Development Options.”
  3. Now, check the box beside “USB Debugging.”
  4. After checking USB Debugging, connect your ZTE Smartphone to the computer via USB Cable with Windows XP/7/8 Operating System running on it.
  5. Once you are done with connecting your device with the computer system successfully, Right-click on My Computer option and select Open Command prompt window here option from the displayed items list there at last seen in the picture below:
  6. After doing so, type ADB devices in the command prompt window alone with enter button to verify that the device has been detected by pc or not?
  7. Now, type “adb reboot edl” in the same window without quotes and then press enter button to see your device rebooting into EDL Mode.
  8. Here, make sure that the USB Debugging option is checked on the phone, or else select it and check it (If you didn’t do so while setting up the items list in the first steps).
  9. Type fastboot devices to verify that device has been detected by pc or not?
  10. If there are no errors after typing the fastboot devices command, type fastboot OEM unlock-go and press enter again.
  11. It should show “OKAY,” if it doesn’t, try restarting your computer and start this process again.
  12. After that, type fastboot devices to verify the device has been detected by pc or not?
  13. Type fastboot reboot in your command prompt window to boot into normal mode. You have completed the process of bypassing Google verification on your ZTE phone, so now you can access the play store without any restriction.
  14. If there are no errors after typing the fastboot devices command over here, then congratulations. It will reboot your device in a moment, and it’ll boot into normal mode just fine with all apps working perfectly, Enjoy!

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How to Bypass Google Verification on ZTE Smartphone

FAQs are given below, which will help you learn how to Bypass Google Verification on ZTE?

  1. How do I check the box beside “USB Debugging”?

Answer: For checking the box beside USB Debugging in your ZTE device, you need to go through the following settings, Go to “Settings” and select “Personal.”

After selecting the Personal tab in the settings menu, to proceed further, make sure that the Privacy option is selected in the personal tab (See picture attached), then scroll down and select Developer options. After doing so, there’ll be multiple options appearing with different labels like Draw over other apps, Apps from unknown sources, USB debugging, etc.

  1. How do I connect my ZTE phone with pc using the steps given?

Answer: For connecting your ZTE phone with pc you need to install minimal ADB drivers on your computer system first.

  1. What are the benefits of doing so?

Answer: Bypassing Google Verification on ZTE Android device gives you access to download other apps like Snapchat or Whatsapp without having another app store installed on your smartphone and allows you to use features like Adblocker in android devices easily. It’s a straightforward process too long for words; follow the tutorial, and your device will beed into normal mode after completion of the tutorial.

  1. How to know if I have done it successfully?

Answer: After finishing the process of bypassing, you’ll be able to get Play store without any errors or restrictions. You can enjoy all the play store’s features on your smartphone and keep yourself away from getting errors over here while playing with your ZTE phone.

  1. What is EDL Mode in ZTE Phone?

Answer: EDL stands for Engineering Download Mode, a special mode designed by Qualcomm to update device firmware using a USB-to-UART connection of a mobile device along with stock Fastboot protocol implementation on Qualcomm devices running on the Android operating system where ADB protocol isn’t supported at all which makes this mode very different from fastboot mode.

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  1. What is USB Debugging?

Answer: USB Debugging in zte phone is a process that helps you to communicate between your computer system with your smartphone or any other Android device with ease. Note that, without this process enabled on your smartphone, you won’t be able to connect your mobile phone with pc for transferring files between them easily. It’s required by almost every third-party app when it requires access to manage various settings of Android Operating Systems like rooting apps and Titanium backup app.

  1. How to Enable USB Debugging in ZTE Phone?

Answer: You need to go through the next set of instructions carefully to enable the USB debugging option.

For enabling USB Debugging, you need to go through the next settings, Go to “Settings,” and select “Personal.”

After selecting the Personal tab in the settings menu, scroll down and select Developer options (See picture). After doing so, there’ll be multiple options appearing with different labels like Draw over other apps, Apps from unknown sources, USB debugging, etc. – Tap on the last one, i.e., USB Debugging and wait for a pop-up asking you whether you would like to enable it or not – confirm this by selecting OK after reading the message carefully. Now your device will show up as a PC device whenever you connect your phone with pc via USB cable.

  1. I have enabled USB Debugging, but what is meant by ‘Allow Mock Locations’?

Answer: By enabling this option, you allow mock locations, nothing but a false location. Whenever you play with your ZTE phone and open any app like Google Maps or Waze to find the routes, it uses GPS to find the current location. For that, Google uses their servers, which are present worldwide, to find out your real location by triangulating information from these servers using wifi signals connected with mobile data, etc. After allowing this process, i.e., “Allow Mock Locations,” it tricks these servers into thinking that they are currently located at some different area where you have never been before, so as a result of this, no one will be able to track your real location except for some apps that will be allowed to track your real location.

  1. Why is my device showing a notification in the status bar saying, ‘Device is starting…’?

Answer: This error occurs whenever you open the play store with any browser on your ZTE phone. The reason behind this being that there are security apps installed on your ZTE phone which detect the google play store as a threat and also block it from opening by showing the message ‘Google Play Store has been blocked.’ To enable the play store, uninstall these security apps from your device manager after enabling the USB debugging option on your smartphone, described in the tutorial’s previous steps.

  1. How do I exit EDL Mode?

Answer: For exiting ED mode, you need to switch off your mobile phone and hold down the volume UP+Power buttons for few seconds.

  1. How can I check my device is in EDL Mode or not?

Answer: You can check whether your device is in EDL mode or NOT by switching ON Mobile data while keeping USB Debugging option on (See steps 5 & 6). If you see the message ‘Mobile Data’ enabled, then it means that you are currently NOT in EDL mode. Otherwise, if there’s no such message appearing on your smartphone screen, then it indicates that you are already in an advanced Android download modality known as ‘Emergency DownLoad (EDL) Mode.’

  1. My ZTE phone is stuck at Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 error; what should I do?

Answer: This error occurs when you try to flash a rooted ZTE phone or any other model (See steps 10 & 11) for that, you need to download the stock ROM of your specific mobile model by checking it over the internet, after which you must switch off your device and press volume down+power+volume up buttons simultaneously which will put your device into EDL mode. After this, connect it with the PC via USB cable and start the flashing process, i.e., “Flash Stock ROM.”

  1. My ZTE phone is stuck on Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Send ELM command failed! FAILED! What should I do?

Answer: For fixing this problem, you need to follow steps 7, 8 & 9 mentioned above and then download the Qualcomm USB driver from over the internet, after which you need to disable the current driver installed on your PC and restart it.

  1. Why is my ZTE phone not showing up in ‘fastboot mode’?

Answer: If your device doesn’t show up in fastboot mode for unknown reasons, i.e., instead of seeing a green android lying with its face down, you see nothing but a black screen, then there’s a reason behind this being that you might have pressed some other key combination before trying to launch fastboot mode or maybe your ZTE phone got hung-up during booting process which disables it from working correctly. To fix this problem, you need to press and hold the volume DOWN+Power+Home buttons simultaneously for few seconds, after which your device will reboot again.

  1. My ZTE phone has no power, is there anyway I can charge it?

Answer: If you are stuck in a place having no access to electricity, then the only option left with you is to follow the tutorial described in steps 14 & 15, which can help you in powering your ZTE phone by pressing specific key combinations before launching fastboot mode screen (See the previous question too for more info).

  1. Why am I not able to open the play store on my ZTE Phone?

Answer: Since google play store is an android app, it gets easily blocked by anti-v apps installed on your smartphone, which tend to detect play store as a threat. To get rid of this problem, you need to uninstall anti-virus apps installed on your mobile, after which simply open the play store and set it up with your ZTE phone.

  1. How do I install Qualcomm driver on my ZTE Phone?

Answer: For installing Qualcomm driver on your ZTE smartphone, you need to go to ‘Device Manager’ within the control panel of your PC and then click over the ‘Other Devices’ option shown in the right-hand side column of the display screen next choose ‘Qualcomm 9008 USB’ by double-clicking over it after which click over ‘Driver’ tab on the top right corner. After doing so, click over the ‘Update Driver Software…’ button and select ‘Browse my computer for driver software and then click on ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.


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