How to Block Emails on iCloud

How to Block Emails on iCloud?

A lot of people have been receiving spam emails from various companies and services. It is a good idea to block these emails, so they do not clutter up your inbox. This article will discuss how to block emails on iCloud that you send them without any hassle.

How to Block Emails on iCloud

To start, log in to iCloud on your computer or mobile device, then open the Mail app followed by selecting settings or follow the steps below:

  1. Log into iCloud
  2. Open the Mail app and select Settings
  3. Select Accounts, then select your email account to edit it
  4. Scroll down to Blocked Senders and click Edit Blocked senders
  5. Add emails that you want to block or remove emails from the list by clicking on them
  6. Click Done when finished editing your blocked sender list

How to Un-Block Emails on iCloud

  1. Open your iCloud account
  2. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Blocked Addresses
  3. Click on the “+” icon in the top right corner of the screen and add an email address you want to block from sending emails to you.
  4. Now, when that person sends an email, they will get a notification saying, “This message was blocked by someone else.”
  5. To unblock them, go back into settings and click on “Blocked Addresses,” then click on their name and select “Unblock.”
  6. If there are any other people you would like to block, repeat steps 2-5 for each one until all desired contacts have been blocked or unblocked as needed!

Additional Information

  • You can block emails from any of your email accounts that are associated with iCloud.
  • If you would like to stop Facebook and other sites from sending unwanted emails, use the steps above to edit how these services send messages.
  • Emails will automatically be blocked by iCloud when a spam filter is activated on an account to keep users’ inboxes clean.
  • You cannot block emails from specific senders if a spam filter is activated on an account, but you can still edit how the messages are sent to your inbox through settings.
  • iCloud also blocks all email tracking attempts and hidden links for users to remain safe while using its services.


Question 1. Are there any other ways to block emails?

Answer:- No, this is currently the only way to prevent unwanted email addresses from sending spam messages. However, if you have an iCloud Mail account, you can use how to stop Facebook and other sites from sending unwanted emails for more information!

Question 2. What happens when I block someone’s email address?

Answer:- When you block an email address, they will no longer be able to send you messages directly. They can still contact you through other channels, but their emails won’t appear in your inbox without being forwarded by someone else on the list of people who are allowed to message you.

Question 3. How do I delete my blocked sender list?

Answer:- If there is a specific email address that you would like to unblock from the list, follow how to remove someone from your blocked senders.

Question 4. Does iCloud automatically delete emails after they have been marked as spam?

Answer:- No, if an unknown sender sends a message, it will be recorded for users to block them later on when necessary. If a more permanent solution is needed, you can stop Facebook and other sites from sending unwanted emails.

Question 5. Can I still send messages while using a spam filter?

Answer:- Yes, the only change that will happen once a spam filter is activated on an account is how incoming email messages are handled. Messages sent by people not in your blocked sender’s list will automatically go into a Junk folder that can be checked when necessary.

Question 6. What is the difference between how to stop Facebook and other sites from sending unwanted emails? How do I remove someone from my blocked senders’ list?

Answer:- These are both great options if you want to prevent specific email addresses from contacting you through iCloud. The first one is how to block emails on iCloud, and the second one is how to unblock someone from sending you messages through iCloud.

Question 7. How do I know if my spam filter has been activated?

Answer:- If your inbox only contains items sent by known senders, it means that a spam filter has automatically gone into effect in order for users to keep their inboxes clean. This can be how to stop Facebook and other sites from sending unwanted emails in order for users to stay safe using iCloud’s services!

Question 8. How do I turn off the spam filter?

Answer:- If you would like a specific email address to send messages through your account again, go back into settings, select how to block emails on iCloud, and delete the email address from your blocked senders’ list.


I hope that this article helped to show how you can block emails on iCloud. I want to write more articles on how to block emails, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know below in the comments!

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