How is NATO Deploying AI to Fight Against Crisis and Inequality?

by Analytics Insight

January 23, 2022


NATO has deployed AI to manage security crises, inequality, and hunger. 

NATO is known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or the North Atlantic Alliance. T is an intergovernmental military alliance between 27 European countries, two North American countries, and one Eurasian country. It has the aim of ensuring the freedom and security of members through political and military means. It promotes democratic values and allows members to consult as well as corporate on defence and security-related issues for solving complicated problems.

NATO is known for formally adopting the Alliance’s first artificial intelligence strategy. There are six baseline principles for the responsible military use of artificial intelligence including lawfulness, responsibility and accountability, explainability and traceability, reliability, governability, as well as bias mitigation. This AI strategy has helped NATO to seek a leading position in the adoption of artificial intelligence for defence. This new strategy provides a common policy to support the adoption of AI systems to achieve three core tasks of NATO— collective defence, crisis management, and cooperative security. The allies have agreed with practical guidelines for the operational use of AI-based systems and the necessary data sharing with cyber defence.

Artificial intelligence has an impact on NATO with new opportunities, risks, and threats. The AI strategy can boost AI adoption to enhance key AI enablers and adapt policy with the adoption of principles of responsible use for AI and protecting against potential threats. This artificial intelligence strategy is relevant for NATO because multiple entities play an active role in artificial intelligence integration.

NATO has launched an innovation fund with the aim of investing US$1 billion in 2021 to futureproof the thirty-nation security pact. It is focused on developing new cutting-edge technologies ranging from artificial intelligence to autonomous systems. AI can be applied to defence and security in a protected and ethical way. It is one of the seven technological areas of NATO allies.

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