G20 Countries Settled on Using AI to Enhance Livelihoods Globally

G20 Countries Settled on Using AI to Enhance Livelihoods Globally

G20 and artificial intelligence

G20 countries are settling on deploying AI to enhance the living conditions of the citizens

G20 or Group of Twenty is an intergovernmental forum consisting of 19 countries and the European Union (EU). It works to address major issues like the global economy, international trade, stability, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development. G20 comprises of the world’s largest economies, including industrialized and developing nations. For G20, artificial intelligence acts as a governable and interoperable technology that ensures to eradicate or minimize inequalities and create new divides.

The forum focuses on promoting a multi-stakeholder approach towards AI governance to establish legitimate and trusted global standards that function as decisive tools towards transitioning in an increasingly digitally oriented society. The successful incorporation of AI requires public administrations to redefine different strategies based on the emerging technologies and to develop an adequately functional governance structure.

Moving forward, the organization has also recently outlined its commitment to a human-centered AI approach guided by a series of G20 principles. These principles are of non-abiding nature and are drawn from the OECD Recommendation on AI, which configures the need for inclusive growth, sustainable development, robustness, transparency, fairness, enhanced security and accountability. The ministers of the digital economy have agreed upon a data free flow with trust concept, that facilitates the free flow of data to effectively harness the opportunities of the digital economy.

The first step G20 took as a forum was to set up the core concepts of AI development and governance. G20 encompasses the most relevant political powers and now it could also convene technical experts from both, academia and industry to preside over concepts, concerns and research agendas that involved the key issues of the AI system. Over the time, with the availability of clearer and more transparent concepts on AI systems, the foundation of its implementation has continued to promote heightened AI security and safety.

To move forward with this initiative, specialized agencies have been created that will follow the international guidelines to govern socio-technical issues, and possess the institutional capacity to achieve expert consensus, propagate, enforce these standards across the world. International standard bodies can also serve as focal points via which opposing the predetermined perspectives can be minimized, ensuring a common framework, which can regulate the agreement further.

The role of G20 in aligning such interests and leading them towards establishment and adoption is crucial. G20 has the potential of becoming a leading force in implementing these initiatives and make sure that they effectively being carried out on a global scale.

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