Free Premium Accounts and App Scams to Avoid

Free Premium Accounts and App Scams to Avoid

Spotify is currently among the world’s largest audio streaming platforms. You can use it for free, but it has some limitations. And to unlock the full capabilities of this service, you have to get its premium subscriptions.

With the ever so growing popularity of Spotify, many scams are revolving around the internet that claim to offer its premium services for free. Here we will discuss some common scams related to Spotify Premium that you should avoid.

Free Spotify Premium Account Scams

If you search for “Spotify Premium,” you’ll come across several websites offering a premium account for free. There will also be some who will claim to provide it at cheaper rates. Moreover, a small minority will even claim to convert your existing account into a premium account for free.

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In theory, such websites would give you the login details of a premium account that you could use to enjoy Spotify Premium. However, in reality, you won’t get that far.

Spotify Premium is a hot, trending search term that spammers use to clickbait you. By inserting such keywords into their posts, these spammers lure you into visiting their websites and clicking on ads that ultimately send profits their way.

Here is an example of such a website.

Spotify Premium - Free Premium Account Scam

How Premium Account Scams Can Be Dangerous

Such a dodgy website will try to con and hack you at each step of your visit. First of all, it’ll bombard you with ads and pop-ups that’ll lead you to even dodgier sites.


Along the way, it will ask you for confidential personal and financial information that it will surely misuse. These websites even try to download hacking code or software onto your device while you are busy trying to get a Spotify Premium account.

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If the site claims to offer the premium account at a lower price, it will take you to the step where you have to make the payment. That’s where it will take your money and hack your credit card details.

These are just some of the ways such sites scam and hack you. The scammers are pretty creative, and they’ll surprise you by coming up with new and innovative ways of hacking you if you choose to go down that road.

Let’s assume you somehow get hold of such an account. You won’t be the only one using it, and you’ll be prone to legal actions through your IP address. If you get it on your existing account, you risk getting banned, and it’s not worth the risk at all.

For the record, we strongly recommend not to visit these websites, not even for educational purposes. You’ll be risking everything: your information, your money, and even your identity.

Free Spotify Premium App Scams

You mostly listen to music on your smartphone using the Spotify app. So, the second most common scam involves cracked apps with premium services unlocked.

Internet is loaded with cracked and modded apps. The websites that offer such apps are similar to those discussed above—trying to rob you at each step.

Spotify Premium - Free Premium App Scam

How Premium App Scams Can Be Dangerous

As we have mentioned earlier, if a hacker can hack an official app to make a cracked version of it, he can definitely use that cracked app to hack you as well.

By downloading and sideloading such apps, you allow rogue code on your phone. And as your phone contains all sorts of personal information, you are exposing yourself to immense risks.

If you somehow manage to get a cracked app to work, you’ll be risking getting your Spotify account banned as soon as you log in to this app. You might also be sharing your account details and activities with the hacker. Again, it’s not worth the effort.

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Avoid Falling for These Scams

The scams mentioned above can potentially rob you of your money and hack your confidential information. These scams have only one winner, and that is the scammer. You won’t come out on top in any scenario.

If you enjoy Spotify and want to upgrade to its premium version, there are legit ways out there that offer discounts, cashback, and other similar legal ways to save money. A little search will help you stay safe and enjoy Spotify Premium without taking undue risks.

man using spotify on phone
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