Fantom Gas Fees Are Higher Compared Bitgert Zero Gas Fee Blockchain

by Analytics Insight

February 26, 2022


Bitgert has not just made the transactions on the blockchain cheaper but almost free.

The issue of the gas fee has been a big problem for the crypto industry for a while now. There are many cryptocurrencies like Fantom that have tried to fix it, but the cost was still high. That’s why the launch of the zero gas fee blockchain by the Bitgert team has caused ripples across the entire cryptocurrency industry. The number of investors buying the Bitgert token skyrocketed, and the price of the Bitgert has been booming since the launch. Here is more about this gasless blockchain:



The Bitgert team’s announcement of the launch of its zero gas fee blockchain shocked the industry and also excited the crypto community. With the gas cost issue being a big problem, blockchain users wanted a chain that would enable them to transact at the most affordable fee. Bitgert has not just made the transactions on the blockchain cheaper but almost free. Transacting tokens on the Bitgert BRISE BRC20 blockchain costs as little as $0.0000000000001.

With Bitgert, developers and traders now have a blockchain that charges them a near-zero value for every transaction they make. This is one of the biggest steps by Bitgert towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. The Bitgert blockchain is also the fastest chain in the industry right now, with a 100K TPS. These are features making Bitgert a tough Fantom competitor.



There is so much that the Centcex team has accomplished for the short period of 3 months the crypto project has been around. Although it might have grown to the size of the Bitgert or Fantom in terms of products, Centcex remains one of the cryptocurrencies with the largest utility. This is from the project’s roadmap and whitepaper. The Centcex team is building an unlimited collection of blockchain applications for the network.

However, the biggest attraction for the Centcex investors is the 100% APY staking. This will be a huge income once the Centcex staking process is launched and more products are launched on the network. The news about the possibility of Centcex building its own blockchain has also excited the crypto community. These are some of the main reasons why the crypto community is loving the Centcex project.



Fantom is one of the best performing layer-1 smart contracts in the cryptocurrency industry today. It has helped improve the scalability of the blockchain as well as reduce the gas fee for the Ethereum network due to its EVM-compatibility feature. But it is still considered expensive to transact on the Fantom chain. This is why Bitgert is now one of the biggest Fantom competitors.

Bitgert blockchain is not only offering cheaper gas than Fantom, but it is also faster. The Brise chain is also compatible with Ethereum smart contracts. These features make the BRISE BRC20 blockchain more powerful than Fantom. Therefore, the Fantom team will need to make a lot of chain improvements to overtake the Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain.

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