Fantom Competitor Bitgert To Issue Digitalized Stocks For Businesses & Startups

by Analytics Insight

February 27, 2022


When Bitgert announced the launch of its Startup Studio program, it was a new thing in the industry.

Bitgert, one of the toughest Fantom competitors, launched the game-changing zero gas fee blockchain, which is still shockwaves in the entire crypto industry. The gasless Bitgert blockchain has eradicated the big issue of the expensive gas fee, and that’s why the coin is still booming today. But the Bitgert team is offering more than just the gasless blockchain to the community.

The chain has one of the biggest products so far, the Bitgert Startup Studio, which is a program for small businesses and startups that enable them to raise funds through digitized stocks on the Bitgert chain. Here is more about the Bitgert digitized stocks and how it is competing with Fantom and other crypto projects.



When Bitgert announced the launch of its Startup Studio program, it was a new thing in the industry. After the crypto community understood how the Bitgert Startup Studio works, it has been one of the exciting programs in the crypto market. The Bitgert startup studio is simply enabling small-scale entrepreneurs and businesses to raise the funds they need to boost their businesses through the BRC20 smart contract.

What the Bitgert user needs to do is to create a BRC20 token, also known as the digitized stock, which is vetted and listed on the Bitgert chain supported DEX and is paired with BRISE. When the Bitgert investors buy the entrepreneurs’ BRC20 token, the raised fund is used in his/her business. It is that simple. The raised funds are safely held in the BRC20 smart contract to protect Bitgert investors from losing their investment.

The Bitgert Startup Studio is a game-changing program, and the team says it will support over 500 projects by the end of the year. Tens of projects have already sent requests to join this program.



A number of things have made Centcex a super attractive project, despite lacking as many products as other networks, like Bitgert. The first biggest reason is that Centcex is one of the projects that will have an unlimited number of products. Crypto investors are increasingly joining projects with large utilities, and Centcex is one of the best in the market so far. The Centcex team has promised an unlimited number of user bases, staking programs, dApps, and also crypto exchanges.

In addition to the huge of crypto products, the Centcex staking reward has been another factor drawing the attention of crypto investors. The Centcex will have 100% APY of the revenue that products on its network have produced shared among staked tokens. This is one of the biggest things most Centcex investors are looking for.



Fantom has a tough competition to beat in the Bitgert. Though the fantom network has gained popularity in the market due to the scaling solution it offers to the Ethereum network and reducing the gas fee, the Bitgert chain is proving a better solution than Fantom to the Ethereum developers. The chain is faster and offers the cheapest gas fee, which makes it one of the best EVM-compatible chains.

Fantom, as one of the best layer-1 smart contracts, will need to improve its network speed and lower performance to compete with the likes of Bitgert. The Fantom team will also need to bring programs that can the Bitgert Startup Studio, which is expected to skyrocket Bitgert adoption.

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