extract different pages from a PDF file

How You Can Take Out Pages From A PDF File

How to Extract Different Pages from a PDF File

extract different pages from a PDF file
extract different pages from a PDF file

PDF files are not editable. To make modifications in the document, you have to change the format first using any tool and then revise the content.

But don’t you think it is a difficult task? Firstly looking for a PDF converter and then editing the text and again converting it to the PDF format.

Let’s say you have to remove some pages from a PDF file. What will you do? Change the format of the file? But what if we tell you an easy way! You can get help from an online PDF splitter. This is an easy method that can be quite handy in increasing the workflow. 

In this article, we will talk in detail about the benefits of this online tool, but before it, we will give you a brief view of the PDF splitter and its works.

What is a PDF splitter?

This is an online AI-based tool that can help you to save time and extract the pages from a PDF document that you want to separate from the document.

Instead of changing the format of your files, you can simply upload them in the PDF separator and separate the pages that you want to extract and Download.

All the pages of PDF files get unconnected and the user can choose the pages that he needs in a new document.

How does PDF splitter work?

The working of an online PDF splitter is very simple. There is no rocket science needed for separating the pages in the PDF document. You have to follow simple steps.

  • Look for the best PDF splitter on the search engine and open it.
  • Upload your PDF file in the tool or if there is the option of dragging then directly drag the document from your device.
  • When users upload files in the PDF splitter, it separates all the pages.
  • Select the pages that you need to detach from that file.
  • After selecting the pages, click on the download button, and you will get all the pages in a separate file in PDF format.

Note: You can also create a complete document of all the pages in a single file. It can be done by clicking on the merge button and gathering all the pages.


Just like online PDF splitters are easy to use, there are many other features that users can avail of by this tool. Here we will discuss some other amazing characteristics of PDF online splitter that can benefit the users and make their working easy.

1. Increase workflow

Users can make the workflow better using this tool. It gives a quick response to the command that makes the tool more reliable.

2. No installation required

The best thing about online tools is that they need no installation. The same goes for the PDF splitters because there is no need to download them. Just open the tool on the search engine and upload your files there.

3. Upload multiple documents

Users can upload more than one PDF document at one time to extract pages. It leads to an increase in the working speed and reduces the time-taking process.

4. Compatible everywhere

Every search engine supports the PDF splitter online. That means users can get access to these tools on any platform.

5. User-friendly interface

The interface of these online tools is very simple. Users can easily understand the working of all features and make their working easy using these tools.

6. Merge pages

Most of the top PDF splitters provide you the option of merging the pages and making a proper document of the pages that are separated from PDF documents.

7. Download files

After separating the documents, you can save them on your device by clicking on the download button. All the pages will be separately saved in PDF documents (single page files).

Are PDF splitters free to use?

Not all PDF splitters are free. But you can get many of these tools that don’t charge the users and they provide you with all the features without any cost.

You can look for a free PDF splitter on the search engine and there you will get a long list. You can select any of them that can be helpful for you to split the pages.

Bottom lines

Technology has brought so many changes and made human tasks easy. PDF splitter is also among those technology tools that are supportive in separating the pages from PDF documents. There is no need to change the format of the file. Just upload it on the PDF splitter tool and select the files that you want to detach from the entire document

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