Expand Your Business Internationally

You want to know other options to market or expand your business ideas and you do not know how to do it, at BLITA International we can help you.
BLITA Internacional is a strategy to support its clients in the internationalization of their business ideas, making them adapt in an ideal way to the regulatory, tax and cultural demands, among others, of the country where they want to go.  
To achieve this great objective it is necessary to carry out a process of research, planning and development of its own strategy. It is here that our association specializes in helping both companies and individuals overcome the obstacles associated with the international expansion of business so that the client can focus on growing their business.
We have advisers in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia who provide an important capital of knowledge and experience to understand the different investment opportunities in these areas, becoming an indispensable guide to expand or establish a business strategy in the selected region.
Through personalized attention on issues such as accounting processes, tax advice, the constitution of international companies, international tax services. Get to know all our services with which we can advise you and help you materialize your projects.

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