Ethereum Gas Fees Continue To Drop, While Bitgert Has Zero Gas Fee

by Analytics Insight

February 28, 2022


The gasless chain feature has been one of the reasons Bitgert has attracted the attention of even the largest cryptocurrencies.

The Ethereum team is working on the powerful Serenity upgrade, which is the upgrade of its blockchain. The development team wants to migrate from the old PoW to the PoS protocol. The upgrade is already in the second phase and is already making a difference with new hash rate ATHs and reducing the gas fee. But Ethereum still has a higher gas fee than the Bitgert blockchain’s zero gas fee. The zero gas fee is the reason why the Bitgert chain is still considered one of the toughest Ethereum competitors today. Read more about the gas fee performance between these chains below:



The recently announced Bitgert blockchain has made this cryptocurrency the hottest thing in the industry. The gasless chain feature has been one of the reasons Bitgert has attracted the attention of even the largest cryptocurrencies. This is because most of them, like Ethereum, have expensive gas. With the Bitgert charging as little as $0.0000000000001 for gas, it means that more developers will be joining it from other networks. That’s why even the large cryptocurrencies have been concerned about the Bitgert chain.

In addition to a lower gas fee than Ethereum and many others, the Bitgert chain has the fastest speed, as of this writing. At the 100k TPS and the gasless feature, there is no doubt that Bitgert is one of the crypto projects to watch this year. More projects are expected to join the chain, which will see the Bitgert adoption start skyrocketing soon.



The Centcex team’s performance since the launch of the project has been impressive. The team has delivered the Centcex roadmap as promised, with everything still going on as planned. The building of the Centcex exchange is going on well, and recently, the team announced the completion of major components of this exchange. The database and the user interface of this exchange are already completed.

However, the gas on the Centcex network will still be high because it is a BSC project. Currently, Binance chain gas is around $2, which is way too high compared to what Bitgert chain is offering. There are unconfirmed rumors that the Centcex team might build its own blockchain. The Centcex chain might have one of the cheapest gas fees.



One of the major problems that the Ethereum blockchain has been struggling with is the costly gas. With the gas fee going up to $50, it had become very expensive. That’s one of the reasons Ethereum is migrating to a new platform, which is faster and also offers a cheaper gas fee. The upgrade is the second phase, which includes the Ethereum chain migrating to the PoS consensus.

However, even with the dropping gas fee, Ethereum still has to beat Bitgert’s zero gas fee chain. Bitgert is offering a gasless chain, and thus dropping the gas fee might not do a lot for the Ethereum competitiveness against Bitgert. The Ethereum team will need to bring the gas price to a near-zero figure to beat Bitgert.

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