Dream11 vs MyTeam11: Which one is Better in 2021

Fantasy sports have seen a huge rise in recent times in India, and the industry is expected to grow even more in upcoming years. We certainly will witness new applications making their way to the Indian market. However, it is not an easy task to stay in the market and a lot of applications fail because of this. Still, a few fantasy sports applications have managed to grab a main place in the market and two of them are Dream11 and MyTeam11. 

Dream11 is probably the oldest application in India and they did set the platform for others to follow. At the moment, they are the biggest fantasy application and are sponsors for some of the biggest leagues in the world.

MyTeam11, a comparatively new application, has managed to witness good growth in recent times and even went on to sponsor a few international games as well. They are constantly improving even today which is an excellent sign

Dream11 vs MyTeam11

Here is a comparison between the two best fantasy sports applications in the country at the moment. 


Dream11 recently changed the deadline for each match. They extended it from one hour before the match to the last second before the beginning of the match. They also allow us to change the line-up after the toss has been announced. This had a mixed response from fans. While a lot appreciated the move, the other side complained that they have lost the “thrill and entertainment”.

MyTeam11 provides two types of play- Regular and Safe play. In Regular play, the teams will be locked one hour before the match and as the name indicates, Safe Play mode allows the user to make changes to the line-up even after the toss has been announced. 

Verdict- We are going with MyTeam11 here because they have got it all covered. 


While both the applications are user-friendly, Dream11 offers more services like Feed, Groups, etc., MyTeam11 provides the tab for the matches alone, unlike Dream11. 

Verdict- Since Dream11 has more services, this goes to them. 

Number of Sports

Dream11 has fantasy gaming for Cricket, Football, Basketball, Handball, Baseball, Hockey, NFL, Kabaddi at the moment. 

MyTeam11 has more options, they have US Football as well. Also, they provide Quizzes too. 

Verdict- It depends. If you are a US Football fan, MyTeam11 is the place for you. 


Dream11 has more than 6 crore users and is undoubtedly the most popular application when it comes to fantasy sports. 

MyTeam11 is still in the growing stage and has a lesser number of users compared to Dream11. 

Verdict- It is debatable. If you like more competition, Dream11 is your place but again, the winning is comparatively easier in MyTeam11.

Team Selection

Talking about cricket, Dream11 allows us to select 1 to 4 wicketkeepers, 3 to 6 batsmen, 1-4 all-rounders and 3 to 6 bowlers. 

In MyTeam11- 1-4 Wicketkeepers, 2-6 batsmen, 1-6 all-rounders, 2-6 bowlers. Also, MyTeam11 provides the previous fantasy points of the players in the selection tab itself.

Verdict- MyTeam11 makes it easier to build the team but Dream11 is more fun because it makes it tough to pick the team but again, it depends on how one sees it. 


It is totally up to you and your likings. If you are looking for an application with more competition, Dream11 works perfectly. If you are looking to win more and if you are just beginning, it’s good to start with MyTeam11 because of the less competition and you will find tips and tricks on Kheltalk. Also, the inclusion of US Football does make a lot of difference here. On the whole, both the applications have their own plus points and work better. You must experience both the apps at least once to know which works well for you. 

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