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February 2, 2022


Let’s explore the updates on top cryptos like Cardano, Solana, Matic, Avalanche, etc

It is the second day of February, and the market now looks stable. Most cryptocurrencies have not made significant gains in the past 24 hours, but the prices have slightly moved down. Bitcoin has been showing signs of plummeting and is slightly in red, though it appears a bit stable. There are also more updates about other developments around these top cryptocurrencies that might be important for the crypto community to know:



Bitgert performance today is one of the best in the market today. According to the Coinmarketcap data, Bitgert has made an impressive gain over the past 24 hours to hot 16% in the green at the time of this writing. This has been a huge gain for f yesterday’s buyers when the Bitgert had dipped. In addition to the bullish Bitgert, there has also been a lot of exciting development on the project.

The Bitgert team announced to the community the intention of the project to enter the metaverse industry. The metaverse product is coming in the roadmap V2.0, which is in the last stage of the Blockchain Phase. The Bitgert team is already rallying the community behind the roadmap V2.0, asking for ideas and opinions. Bitgert is definitely one of the projects to watch this year.



With the market stabilizing today morning, Centcex is among the cryptocurrencies posting stable prices with minimal gains in the past 24 hours. The coin is not bullish as it was yesterday but has still maintained a stable price. It is currently a good buy today before the market starts surging again. Apart from the price, there is a lot about the development of the Centcex project.

The Centcex team, through the official Twitter account, has been updating the community on the development of the project’s infrastructure. The building of the products is ongoing, and the Centcex exchange is the first in the line. The Centcex exchange is a no-KYC to keep users’ data secure. Its UI and database structure got completed as per the latest updates from the Centcex team.



Despite the market looking stable this morning, there is a likelihood of the most crypto dropping today. But Cardano is among the crypto coins in green, although in a plummeting trend. If the market conditions do not change, then Cardano might end the day in the red zone. However, Cardano is still one of the best performers so far, with over 2% in green as of writing.

On the other hand, there is a lot of updates regarding the development of the Cardano network. The Cardano has been updating the developments around the Plutus, the smart contract, and also the wallet. There have also been some updates regarding the Cardano Hydra protocol upgrade, which will launch in 2022.



Though Solana is trading at a lower price than it was trading yesterday and looks like plummeting, it is still doing well and still green. The market is stabilizing, and soon, there could be another surge. But there is a lot about Solana, especially in upgrading the mainnet and the products on the network.

The Solana engineers have been carrying out what they are calling the Solana Hacker Houses program. The team plans to meet as many DeFi and NFT developers across the world as possible. The objective is to enable more developers to join Solana to increase the number of projects running on the network.



Litecoin has been posting very stable prices today. The coin is still green, with over 2% gains in the market over the last 24 hours. This is good considering that Litecoinwas one of the best gainers in yesterday’s bull market. In the development of the project, Litecoin just announced the widely anticipated protocol upgrade.

The Mimblewimble upgrade is finally here, and it is one of the biggest protocol upgrades the team has done in 10 years. The LitecoinMWEB protocol has been in the making for the last two years, and the team has delivered within provided timelines. What Litecoin network users can expect is a fast and more fungible LTC. The Litecoin price in the market will increase as more users join the network.



Matic is red this morning, but the price of the token is still considered to be stable. The crypto market is not as bullish as yesterday, and Matic happens to be among the cryptocurrencies losing grip today. There are more exciting updates happening around the Matic token. The recent changes in Polygon Studios have a lot to do with the surging Matic price.

Polygon Studios is reshaping, and the hiring of Ryan Watt as the SEO is exciting the crypto community. This could be one of the reasons why the Matic is doing well. The team has also announced workshops for developers. Therefore, a lot is happening around Matic that might grow it.



The charts indicate that Avalanche is slowly dropping today. With the market stabilizing and Avalanche is losing some of the gains but is still green with over 2% growth. Therefore, it is still among the best performers at the time of this writing. With the market projection of another bull condition, Avalanche might be one of the biggest gainers,

Avalanche’s popularity with developers is growing faster, with more projects joining the network in 2022. The team has also been working on scaling solutions to keep this smart contract the fastest even this year. More NFT and gaming projects are joining Avalanche due to its fast and cheaper platform.

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