Cardano, Matic, Solana, Avalanche, Litecoin

Cardano, Matic, Solana, Avalanche, Litecoin

Cardano, Matic, Solana, Avalanche, Litecoin – Here’s What New About These Cryptocurrencies

by Analytics Insight

February 2, 2022

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This article features latest update on cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Bitgert, Solana, and more.

The competition in the crypto industry is getting stiffer as more crypto projects offering the same products continue to emerge. The race to be the first in key areas has seen the fast development of crypto projects. There are so many new updates in the market, but there are leaders who are setting the pace. Here are some of the top cryptocurrencies and the new things about them that the crypto community need to know:



There is no doubt that the Bitgert team stands out as one of the best performers in product development. There are multiple products released for a DeFi project that is just six months old. But it is the latest news about entering into the metaverse industry that has taken the Bitgert community by surprise. 

The Bitgert team put up a post in the project’s official Twitter account regarding the move. The feedback from the community has been overwhelming. The coming of the roadmap V2.0 has also been the newest thing Bitgert has introduced. The Bitgert project is still new, and thus, more new things are coming up soon.



The entrance of the Centcex crypto project has brought a new thing that has been missing in the market. There has been a growing demand for quality crypto apps that are also user-friendly and reliable. Security has been a big issue in most cryptocurrency applications. The Centcex team is now developing blockchain-based apps that offer ultra-secure. 

The team recently updated Centcex on the progress they have made in developing the first product. Centcex exchange is the first product and will offer incredible features like no-KYC features. The exchange will allow for anonymous transactions. The Centcex team is advanced stages of its development. 



One of the new things at Solana is the introduction of a payment system. Solana Pay has just been launched, and the community is excited. As the Solana team says, the payment protocol is providing a perfect platform for the next generation of merchant payment. The Solana payment system is currently enabling merchants across the world to accept all digital dollars and all SPL tokens. 

The Solana Pay will be a game-changer and will make the $SOL token stronger in the market. The other new thing about Solana, the crypto community, needs to know about is the upcoming ‘wave,’ as the team calls it. There is something building up and will be announced very soon.



Hoskinson and his been have done an incredible job to keep Cardano as one of the best blockchains. There has been a lot of developments that have been going to improve the Cardano network to make it more scalable, decentralized and secure. These are three key areas that the Cardano team has been working on. The upgrades of the Plutus, Cardano smart contracts and the wallet are some of the latest updates.

The highly anticipated Cardano scaling protocol update is still big talk. The hydra upgrade is expected to be the next big thing. There are also more DeFi protocols joining Cardano. The team says the increase in TVL is a result of growing DeFi projects on the network.



The new thing about Avalanche is new projects joining the network. With the Avalanche platform still being one of the fastest smart contracts, it is attracting a lot of developers. Note that Avalanche is one of the secondary scaling solutions compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. There are more and more projects joining the network, with Sigmadex being the latest project. 

Avalanche scaling possibilities are getting better with time as the team goes for more scaling solutions. Therefore, it might still be the fastest platform for developers. Avalanche still offers one of the lowest transaction fees for the developers. That’s why more new projects are joining. 



The Matic token has been gaining big in the market because of the developments happening at the Polygon network. Polygon Studios is one of the products that is doing very well and has played a key role in making Matic more competitive. From the information released by the Polygon team, they have been hiring lately. The coming of Ryan Wyatt from YouTube to be the PS studio is one of the Matic studios. 

There have also been new projects joining the Polygon network, with the SongRise (@SongRiseio) being the latest one. GOGOcoin is another product that is now live on the Polygon network. All these products are helping in creating demand for Matic. Therefore, Matic might be the next big crypto coin.



The latest and biggest new thing from Litecoin is the launch of the MWEB, also known as the MimbleWimble upgrade. It is still one of the biggest things in the crypto market. This is said to be the biggest upgrade that Litecoin has carried out in 10 years. The privacy-focused protocol upgrade is a project to make the Litecoin network more secure, scalable and also fungible. 

In other development, Litecoin has continued to get more celebrity endorsements. The latest is the Rock legend Gene Simmons, who has accepted to receive some of the payments for his house in Las Vegas in Litecoin. This is good for the Litecoin crypto coin confidence, which crucial in growing LTC Value.

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