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Buying New Headphones? Impedance and OHMS Explained

“Impedance” and “Ohms” are phrases that everyone comes throughout a minimum of as soon as throughout their analysis for a brand new pair of headphones. Generally, the phrases aren’t defined and are simply listed with some numbers on a spec sheet. So, questions come up.

What are impedance and ohms in terms of headphones? Extra importantly, how does impedance have an effect on the sound high quality of headphones?

Don’t fear. We’ve executed the exhausting work, so that you don’t must. Let’s see what impedance and ohms imply and the way they have an effect on sound high quality.

What Is Headphone Impedance?

Earlier than discussing headphone impedance, now we have to have a look at electrical resistance. When you perceive electrical resistance, impedance will make far more sense.

Every time electrical energy flows by a wire, it experiences electrical resistance that hinders the circulate of present. Totally different wires and conductors have totally different resistance ranges. To know electrical resistance higher, think about a water pipe. The circulate of water by a pipe differs relying upon the pipe. Some pipes have a bigger diameter, making the circulate simpler. Then again, pipes with smaller diameters have restricted circulate.

Using a multimeter to test resistance for a diode

The resistance of a conductor is measured in ohms. Briefly, each conductor has {an electrical} resistance that restricts the circulate of electrical present.

The impedance of headphones is {the electrical} resistance of the motive force unit current contained in the headphones. And since impedance is resistance, it’s measured in ohms. The conventional impedance vary of headphones is between 8 and 600 ohms.


Usually, headphones with impedance lower than 25 ohms are termed “low impedance headphones.” Headphones with an impedance of greater than 25 ohms are referred to as “excessive impedance headphones.”

How Does Impedance Have an effect on the Sound High quality of Headphones?

A home studio setup focusing on a microphone, headphones, and pop shield.

Impedance has a large impact on the sound high quality of headphones. As an illustration, if you happen to fail to appropriately pair headphones with audio sources based mostly on the impedance of the headphones, the sound high quality will take a large hit.

Usually, the upper the impedance of a pair of headphones, the higher the sound high quality. However to drive headphones with excessive impedance ranges, you’ll need amplifiers. In any other case, the quantity can be too low.

As an illustration, the Beyerdynamic Dt770 Professional has a model with 250 ohms. To make use of these headphones, you’ll have to hook them as much as an exterior amplifier.

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Then again, decrease headphones have low energy calls for and can be utilized with telephones and transportable music gamers. However the sound high quality of headphones with impedance ranges of lower than 25 ohms lags behind excessive impedance ones.

What Impedance Headphones Ought to You Decide Up?

Audible on iPhone next to a pair of headphones

In order for you headphones for informal listening of music in your cellphone or pc, headphones with impedance ranges lower than or equal to 25 ohms can be ample for you. However in order for you audiophile-grade gear to make use of within the studio or to hearken to uncompressed, high-fidelity music, get excessive impedance headphones with an impedance ranking of greater than 30 ohms.

Briefly, in order for you ease and accessibility, go along with low impedance ones. And in order for you a studio-quality pair, you’ll must take care of high-impedance. Within the latter case, you’ll additionally need to spend money on an amp.

Make Positive to Pair Your Headphones With the Proper Audio Gear

Pairing headphones with the proper audio tools is essential for listening expertise. Connecting low impedance headphones to exterior amplifiers can blow them out, leading to horrible audio high quality.

Equally, failing to attach headphones with an impedance higher than 30 ohms will end in a a lot quieter and inconsistent audio expertise.

headsets and DAC for listening to lossless audio
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You will not hear the distinction if you do not have the appropriate {hardware}, it is so simple as that.

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