BTC, ETH Rises While Terra Falls: Top Cryptocurrency Prices Today

Cryptocurrency prices

Analytics Insight enlists the top cryptocurrency prices for today

The year 2021 has been an excellent year for crypto adoption. As per reports, crypto transaction volume has surpassed all its past records and is currently set to establish itself as the most powerful and profitable asset class in the financial and economic domain. Big tech organizations believe that a digital currency’s modern store of value and its robust design has led to increased investor confidence in the industry that enhanced crypto adoption to a great extent. Investors are keeping a close eye on the market. In this article, Analytics Insight enlists the top cryptocurrency prices for January 28, 2022.

  • Bitcoin (BTC): US$35,218.14 (up by 3.86%)
  • Ethereum (ETH): US$2,440.60 (up by 2.27%)
  • Tether (USDT): US$1.00 (up by 0.00%)
  • BNB (BNB): US$391.38 (up by 7.52%)
  • USD Coin (USDC): US$1.00 (up by 0.03%)
  • Cardano (ADA): US$1.04 (up by 1.42%)
  • XRP (XRP): US$0.6064 (up by 1.43%)
  • Solana (SOL): US$91.75 (up by 4.63%)
  • Terra (LUNA): US$53.94 (down by 5.49%)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE): US$0.1408 (up by 0.36%)

According to coinmarketcap, the global crypto market cap is standing at US$1.68T, indicating a rise of 4.19% over the last day. 

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