Bitgert & Centcex, Competitor of Safemoon, BabyDoge, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu & Radio Caca, Performs the Best in Bear Market

Bitgert & Centcex, Competitor of Safemoon, BabyDoge, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu & Radio Caca, Performs the Best in Bear Market

by Analytics Insight

January 30, 2022

The bearish market is providing a perfect opportunity to identify the best cryptocurrencies in the market. Some really sank and will take some time to recover the dip. But there are cryptocurrencies that remained stable and performed very well during the market breathers. Bitgert and Centcex are some of the cryptocurrencies posting impressive performances during the bear market. But why is that? Well, there are several reasons that made Bitgert and Centcex stand out. Read more about these cryptocurrencies below:



A look at the Bitgert website gives you a sense of what kind of crypto project it will be upon completion. The team is building a DeFi project that does not only gives blockchain users what they have been missing but also disrupts the entire crypto industry. Scalability, cost of transactions, and security are the problems that Bitgert is addressing.

The Bitgert roadmap has a centralized exchange and a gasless blockchain. These are two major products that will address the three problems and make Bitgert the best blockchain project in the market. The gas-free blockchain will attract thousands of developers.

The recent announcement of Bitgert metaverse products has also made this project popular.Bitgert is expected to perform better with the listing on a tier-1 exchange. These features are the reasonsBitgert has been performing well in bearish market conditions.



The performance of the Centcex crypto coin during the crashing market has been nothing but impressive. The cryptocurrency has made good gains in January when most crypto projects are still recovering from the January dip. But what really made Centcex withstand the market forces and go against the grain?

The viability of the Centcex as a crypto investment is one of the biggest reasons why many investors have been pumping into it during this bearish market. A look at the Centcex website shows a project that is designed to reward the investors for just staking their tokens. The project is giving away 100% APY of the revenue Centcex products produce.

This, coupled with the development of an unlimited products number that the Centcex Lab is developing, makes this project an ideal investment. These are the two major reasons why Centcex has been one of the best performers in the bear market.



Safemoon has also shown impressive performance in the bearish market, though not as good as Bitgert and Centcex platforms. However, it made good gains considering where the SFM project is coming from after the price flop. The Safemoon team’s work on the project over the last few months is why it was one of the most resilient cryptocurrencies in January.

The migration to Safemoon V2 was one of the reasons for good performance. The Safemoon Swap is another product that has given investors more confidence in this project. In addition, there is a lot of anticipation about the upcoming Safemoon Operation Phoenix. These are products driving the SFM coin growth.



Looking at Twitter today and other social media platform tell just how fast and popular BabyDogeis. The design of the BabyDoge has made it unique from other dog coins in that its token has so much utility. This is one of the dog coins with real-world use. The BabyDoge project started mid-2021 and has proven to be one of the best cryptos during the bearish market.

BabyDoge did not only post a stable price during crashes but also made huge gains during the market breathers. With BabyDoge’splans to enter the NFT and GameFi projects have created a lot of speculation buying, which is increasing the token process. BabyDoge is a crypto to watch in 2022.


Saitama Inu

Saitama Inu started as an education platform, which still is, but the team is giving the community more features with the recent ecosystem developments. The team is making the token more useful with the introduction of more products on the network that adds more value to the token. That’s why Saitama Inu is now doing good in the market.

There is a range of products lined up for the Saitama Inu ecosystem. The team has already launched the SaitaMask this January. It is a smart wallet that enables Saitama users to do a lot of things. Saita Market, SaitaMaker, as well as the Saitama Edutainment have been lined up as the next projects. With their launch, Saitama will be a cryptocurrency to watch.


Floki Inu

Floki Inu has been one of the most exciting dog coins since its launch in early July 2021. The influence of the Shiba Inu community and the name of Elon Musk has been key in the growth of this cryptocurrency. But the recent growth of the Floki Inu has been closely associated with the growing ecosystem that is attracting investors.

With the Floki Inu team deciding to make the token more valuable, they have worked on the Floki ecosystem by bringing more products. These are products that capture a range of industries, including DeFi and NFT. The Valhalla is one of the biggest products the team is working on. It is an NFT gaming metaverse product. FlokiPlaces and Floki University are other products coming up.


Radio Caca

Radio Caca’s growth during the bearish market was one of the best in the gaming industry. The project recorded impressive gains during the breathers and managed to maintain stable prices during crashes. Radio Caca is one of the crypto projects that attracted a lot of attention during the bear market.

The gaming industry plus metaverse will be defining the future of crypto in 2022. Among the project at the center of the coming transformation is Universal Metaverse (USM), which is one of the best gaming platforms using Radio Caca tokens. With this realization, many investors are now buying the $RACA right now when the token is cheaper. Therefore, this is a project to watch in 2022.

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