Bitgert & Centcex Are Trending, While Safemoon, BabyDoge, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu & Yooshi Are Doing Well

Bitgert & Centcex Are Trending, While Safemoon, BabyDoge, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu & Yooshi Are Doing Well

Bitgert & Centcex Are Trending, While Safemoon, BabyDoge, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu & Yooshi Are Doing Well

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January 18, 2022


The trending of Bitgert and Centcex on and many other major exchanges has been happening for some time now. The two projects, which are still young yet have accomplished a lot in a short time, have been attracting the crypto community’s attention from 2021. There are other crypto coins listed below that have also been doing well. Let’s look at the reasons why they are trending and doing well.



Bitgert tops among the hottest cryptocurrencies of 2022. It is one of the cryptocurrencies trending in the market due to its fast-growing demand in the market. Several factors are making it trend, but the project is the main factor attracting the crypto community.

The Bitgert team has put it clearly on the Bitgert website that they are building a project that solves some of the biggest problems in DeFi and rewards investors. The project is building a complete DeFi ecosystem that is secure, safe, and cheap to transact on.

The Bitgert team is building a complete p2p payment system running on the Bitgert ecosystem or blockchain. Already Bitgert exchange is almost complete and is launching in Q1. The Bitgert cryptocurrency exchange will be centralized while the blockchain, which is being developed, will be the only gas-free blockchain in the industry.

Bitgert blockchain permanently solves the gas fee issue, which is a big problem in the crypto industry today. These are factors making Bitgert trendy and the best crypto 2022.



Centcex cryptocurrency has been another trending crypto coin. The Crypto community believes Centcex might be the best investment of 2022 because of several factors. First, Centcex is one of the few cryptocurrencies designed to reward investors in a big way and also provide key solutions to the crypto industry.

The Centcex project is alleviating the security and user experience problems by developing cryptocurrency applications with unmatched user experience and ultra-secure programming.

The Centcex team is developing an unlimited number of products for the ecosystem. This means millions of Centcex users, and with 100% APY staking reward of the product’s revenue, token stakers will be making a lot of passive income. More users on the ecosystem mean the token value will grow fast, and that’s how investors are gaining. The Centcex website has more on this project.



In recent months, the Safemoon team has done a lot of work that has gained this project popularity in the market. Safemoon is not a new project but one of the DeFi projects that started off well but flopped back to the flow just a few months after the launch. But the team is pushing on to make the biggest thing in DeFi as promised.

The Safemoon V2 upgrade has been instrumental in restoring investors’ confidence in this project. Now on a super-efficient platform, Safemoon is rising again. The widely anticipated Safemoon Project Phoenix and the decentralizing innovations have attracted crypto community attention. These are the major factors making Safemoon do well now.


Saitama Inu

As one of the popular meme coins, Saitama Inu is increasingly growing popular in the crypto market. There are several reasons why more crypto investors are buying SAITAMA in 2022, but the recent developments are making this cryptocurrency quite attractive.

The Saitama Inu team wants to transform this project from a meme to a token with real value. That is why it is developing a complete ecosystem with DeFi and NFT projects. SAITAMA will be the native token.

Already the team is building key products, and some will be launching very soon. SaitaMask is already launched, and SaitaMaker is launching soon. The other products in the pipeline in 2022 are Saitama Edutainment and the SaitaMarket.  These are some of the reasons why Saitama Inu is doing well.



Among the dog coins doing very well in the crypto industry is the BabyDoge. The cryptocurrency has done well in the market, and the token price has been rising. Among the reasons crypto investors are going for the BabyDoge is the incredible token utility. BabyDoge is one of the meme coins with use in the real world.

The team has built a BabyDoge card and mobile application for token holders. These two products are integrating babyDoge with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more e-commerce stores coming up soon. The coming of the NFTs and GameFi have also made this cryptocurrency quite attractive.


Floki Inu

Among the meme coins with a huge following and massive potential to explode is Floki Inu. The Floki team is no longer wants the project to just a meme coin but a complete ecosystem that will give the $FLOKI real value. This is why they have started building an ecosystem that will capture almost the entire crypto market. This development has got many crypto investors interested in this project.

The Floki Inu want to exploit the DeFi and GameFi industries and some products almost in the launch stage. The coming up Floki products include Valhalla, an NFT gaming metaverse. There is also the FlokiPlaces, an NFT/merchandise marketplace for the Floki community. The Floki Inuversity is another product in the development stages. This is what’s making Floki Inu do well right now.



The gaming industry is growing fast, and with the coming of the metaverse, projects like Yooshi are quickly gaining popularity. Unlike most gaming platforms, Yooshi offers an innovative gaming reward system and intuitive gaming experience with its play-to-earn gaming platform. These are two major things that gamers are looking for, and that’s why this gaming platform is growing fasters.

The Yooshi team has ensured its token utility is the best for token investors. This is being achieved with the addition of more products to the Yooshi ecosystem. A good example is the YooShi GamePad, a platform gaming developers for gaming projects’ launch support. With more products coming and better rewards, Yooshi will continue to grow faster in 2022.

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