Best Ways to Create Reusable Code for Data Science Projects

by arti

February 16, 2022

Data Science

It’s difficult to create reusable code for knowledge science initiatives, however it isn’t not possible

Knowledge Science consolidates varied fields, together with statistics, logical methods, Machine Studying (ML), and knowledge evaluation, to separate worth from info. The people who apply knowledge science are known as knowledge scientists. The principal objective of Knowledge Science is to search out patterns inside knowledge. It makes use of varied statistical methods to research and draw insights from the info. As aspiring Knowledge Scientists, folks spend loads of their time writing code, nevertheless trying on the greater image, the core of Knowledge Science is just not about writing code, however understanding knowledge and extracting worth out of it. The coding half is only a means to perform this purpose. Clearly, one can’t keep away from writing code, and doing so might be detrimental to the method, nevertheless, you may cut back the period of time you spend doing it. This text options the very best methods to create reusable code for knowledge science initiatives.



Modular code signifies that your code is damaged into small, unbiased components (like capabilities) that every does one factor. Every perform, whether or not in Python or R, has a number of components:

A reputation for the perform.

Arguments on your perform. That is the knowledge you’ll move into your perform.

The physique of your perform. That is the place you outline what your perform does. Typically, I’ll write the code for my perform and take a look at with an current knowledge construction first after which put the code right into a perform.

A return worth. That is what your perform will ship again after it’s completed writing. In Python, you’ll must specify what you need to return by including return (thing_to_return) on the backside of your perform. In R, by default, the output of the final line of your perform physique will probably be returned. It is among the finest methods to create reusable code for knowledge science initiatives.



“Readable” code is code that’s simple to learn, even when it’s the primary time you’ve seen it. Generally, the extra issues like variable and performance names are phrases that describe what they do/are the better it’s to learn the code. As well as, feedback that describe what the code does at a excessive stage or why you made particular decisions will help you.

You may enhance names by following a few guidelines:

Use some strategy to point out the areas between phrases in variable names. Since you may’t use precise areas, some widespread methods to do that are snake_case and camelCase. Your model information will in all probability advocate one.

Use the names to explain what’s within the variable or what a perform does. For instance, sales_data_jan is extra informative than simply knowledge, and z_score_calculator is extra informative than simply calc or norm.

It’s okay to have not-ideal variable names while you’re nonetheless determining the way you’re going to jot down a little bit of code, however I’d advocate going again and making the names higher when you’ve acquired it working. It is among the finest methods to create reusable code for knowledge science initiatives.



Versatile code solves an issue that may occur greater than as soon as and anticipates variation within the knowledge.

Knowledge scientists must do and find out about loads of various things: you’ve in all probability acquired a greater use on your time than rigorously sprucing each line of code you ever write. Investing time in sprucing your code begins to make sense when you recognize the code goes to be reused. It is among the finest methods to create reusable code for knowledge science initiatives.



Being inventive whereas creating reusable codes for knowledge science initiatives is essential. It encourages you to hunt out current libraries or modules that exist already to unravel your downside. If somebody has already written the code you want, and it’s underneath a license that means that you can use it, then you need to in all probability simply try this. It is among the finest methods to create reusable code for knowledge science initiatives.

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