Tools To Add Instagram Feeds On Website

5 Best Tools To Add Instagram Feeds On Website

Ever since social media marketing has come into the picture, it has become a much sought-after medium for budding brands and marketers to increase their brand awareness and to create a solid social media presence.

Soon enough, brands began to include social media into their marketing efforts too. Of all social media platforms, visual platforms have paved the way to become the most impactful and influential due to their striking presence.

When we think of visual-dominated platforms, Instagram surely tops the list due to its ability to keep its users engaged for a long period. The massive user base of more than 500 million daily active users reflects how Instagram has grown to become extremely popular amongst social media users.

Taking advantage of this, smart marketers have changed their strategies and begun to include the Instagram feed on website for maximum benefits. If you feel that the process is difficult and may include technical skills and other expertise, then think again!

The process can easily be done using a responsive Instagram aggregation tool. Even though multiple tools can be found online, it is crucial to shortlist the perfect one. However, if you are unsure about which tool to leverage, then continue reading till the end of this post.

5 Most Responsive Tools To Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website

1. Tagembed

Tools To Add Instagram Feeds On Website

The first tool on the list is the Tagembed: It is a great tool for aggregating social media content including content from Instagram is Tagembed. The platform enables the users to select their connection type before aggregating the content.

Additionally, the users can leverage the other features of Tagembed to improve their widget’s effectiveness and impact. The tool offers various customization options, a content moderation panel, advanced analytics, and a robust back support team for assisting the users.

2. Instagram Official Embedding

Tools To Add Instagram Feeds On Website

Instagram also offers an official embedding option to its users. The users can embed their preferred post on their website by simply copying the code and embedding it.

The users simply need to select the post and click on the embed button. Copy the generated embed code and paste it on the backend of the website. Even though this option seems easy, it is time-consuming and enables the users to embed one post at a time. Hence, we would recommend you consider the other mentioned options.

3. Taggbox Widget

Tools To Add Instagram Feeds On Website

It is a user-friendly and award-winning social media aggregation tool that allows you to aggregate content from various social media platforms including Instagram, and embed it on the website following a few easy steps.

The power-packed features of the tool make it easy to use. Users of the platform can collect content based on their preferred connection type. The users of the tool can customize the social media widget how they want using a wide range of options like themes, fonts, templates, etc. The users can moderate the content by removing unwanted or irrelevant content from the widget.

4. Flockler

Tools To Add Instagram Feeds On Website

Flockler is another great tool for embedding Instagram feeds on the website that can be used by the users to collect Instagram content from sources like hashtags, mentions, usernames, etc.

In terms of customization, the users can choose from an extensive range of options like colors, fonts, etc. to improve the effectiveness of the Instagram widget.

Overall the tool is extremely useful and easy to use. It comes with a no-complex structure and has easy integration.

5. Juicer

Tools To Add Instagram Feeds On Website

Juicer is a common name when it comes to social media aggregators. The tool enables the users to collect social media content from almost every social media platform including Instagram.

The best part about Juicer is that the users need not refresh the insert codes every time. Additionally, the users can add filters to make the Instagram widget more visually appealing. The users can moderate the content using the profanity filter to remove any unwanted or irrelevant content from the widget.

Key Takeaways

This brings us to the end of this post and you are now aware of the best tools that can be used by you to collect and embed Instagram feeds on your website.

Adding the lively presence of Instagram on your website is a no-fail strategy to reap benefits like more engagement, building social proof, and adding more vibrancy to your website.

Go on now, choose the tool that fits your preferences best and leverage it in your marketing efforts!

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