Best Medicine for diabetes without side effects

Best medicine for diabetes without side effects

Most of the drugs used to treat diabetes have some side effects. Type 2 diabetic patients face some side effects from all drugs and no drug stands out from the pack.

But there is a drug, which is treated as the first line drug for a type 2 diabetic person.
Diabetes drugs are recommended after comprehensive examination of the patient, his current health status, presence or absence of any other medical ailment, etc.

The side effects range from stomach upset to weight gain to risk of reaction with other medicines. However, some side effects are temporary in nature and go away without any intervention within a few weeks after start of the medication.

To get the medicine for a diabetic person without side effects is a bit difficult for medical experts. All medical experts agree that metformin can be the safest drug for a diabetic person. Let us read it further.

Drug causing least side effect
Numbers of drugs are prescribed to a diabetic person to lower the blood glucose levels. There is no clarity on the issue of which drug is better in treatment.

The trails were conducted with several medicines and in combination with other medicines. There was however, convergence on the issue that Metformin is better than other in lowering blood glucose levels in diabetic persons.

Metformin reduces the glucose production by acting on the liver and secondly, it ensures that muscles in the peripheral tissue like muscles to take up the glucose.

The best result of these drugs is that it not only lowers the sugar level in the bloodstream, but also ensures that blood sugar levels are not below dangerous levels.

The other drug that may become part of the medication depends on the health of the patient and assessment of the doctor.

Reasons behind metformin as the first line drug for type 2 diabetes

This drug is safe for diabetic people with heart issues. It reduces the cardiovascular risk better than its nearest competitor. The difference was as much as 40 percent.

It means that a diabetic person taking metformin reduces its chance of dying from a heart issue by close to half with this dose.

Metformin can lead to stomach upset or diarrhea, but do not stop without medical consultation. And patients with kidney trouble are not given the dose.

It is also the only drug in the anti- diabetic medication that has reduced macro vascular outcome.

The medicine is also used as adjunct in people with lifestyle intervention during pre diabetes and insulin.resistance state. Avoid drug when using Glucobay 100 mg prescribed by doctors for erection boost

Avoid interaction with erectile dysfunction drug

A male who is also using erectile dysfunction medicine should avoid using diabetes drugs with it. A diabetic male is likely to use an erection boosting medicine sooner or later.

Medical experts believe that it is only a matter of time before a diabetic male gets erectile dysfunction. The damage to the blood vessels due to untreated diabetes reduces the efficiency of the blood nerves.

It makes it difficult to sustain the sufficient supply of blood to the pelvic area. The result is less blood flow in the pelvic area even when a male is fully aroused.

It leads to erection difficulties. Doctors often prescribe Generic Cialis 60 mg for overcoming severe erection difficulty. The medicines that react with other medicines include those prescribed to control blood sugar levels.

The interaction needs to be avoided to keep side effects in control and manage the diabetes better. There is no harm in using erection boosting medicines by a diabetic male.

Just guidance is required to avoid mixing two drugs. Doctors recommend a gap of 24 -36 hours after using an erection boosting drug.

Metformin has shown efficacy, better results in managing diabetes without putting heart at risk, and it can be associated with other drugs to treat a diabetic patient.

Whichever medicine is prescribed to you for managing diabetic conditions, remember that lifestyle is the key to get the best result.

Your diet, daily routine, physical activities or lack of them, and discipline to stick to changed lifestyle determines your success in controlling diabetes.

You need to completely overhaul your lifestyle and stick with the new lifestyle and diet to keep better control over diabetes for the rest of life.

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