BabyDoge, Saitama Inu, Safemoon, Floki Inu & Metahero

BabyDoge, Saitama Inu, Safemoon, Floki Inu & Metahero

BabyDoge, Saitama Inu, Safemoon, Floki Inu & Metahero – Why Bitgert & Centcex Are The Best Choices

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January 26, 2022

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It is the time of the year when crypto investors select cryptocurrencies to buy. One key trait to look for in a crypto project is the ability of the project to grow and disrupt the industry. Therefore, the development stage or the roadmap of the project and its uniqueness are two critical factors to consider. Projects in this list are the best cryptocurrencies of 2022, but Bitgert and Centcex are standing out as the best. Read more below about these cryptocurrencies:



Bitgert is, without a doubt, one of the best crypto investments. It has all the key components that make an ideal crypto project for investors. It is still a growing project in the developing stages, and second, it is an incredible crypto project that will disrupt the entire crypto industry. Bitgert launched on 28th July 2021, making it one of the youngest DeFi projects today.

But the Bitgert team delivered too much for the last 6 months. Multiple products have been launched, including Brise Audit programs, Brise Wallet, Brise Swap, Multiple tier-2 listing and the Bitgert staking. The staking process is ongoing.

But it is the Bitgert products launching in 2022 that are making a huge difference. The Brise centralized crypto exchange will be the first product and launch in Q1. Its beta version is coming at the end of Feb. The next big and game-changing product is the Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain, still launching in 2022.

These, plus more than 10 products the Bitgert team is releasing before the end of 2022, are the reason why Bitgert is the net big. It is token with the potential to explode in 2022. Read more about this project on the Bitgert website.



Centcex has been around for 2 months now since it launched in mid-November 2021. The project has been around for a short period, and it has proven worth investment. The Centcex crypto products are designed to address poor security and use experience in blockchain products.

Therefore, the Centcex project is building some of the most secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency applications. The teams plan to produce an unlimited number of Centcex products. The main Centcex products included crypto exchanges, staking programs, dApps, etc. These are products that will be in high demand in the industry because security and user experience are two major problems.

Centcex project also aims to offer the best investors rewards. With the huge number of products in the ecosystem, the project offers 100% APY of the revenue these products produce as a staking reward. With multiple products and a huge number of users, Centcex investors will be getting substantial passive incomes from staking.

The Centcex team is already in the process of completing crypto exchange development. It will be the first product in just a few months of the launch. Centcex is definitely a cryptocurrency to buy in 2022. Go to the Centcex website for more info.



BabyDoge is a dog coin with unique features making it stand out from the rest of the meme coin. The biggest benefit that holders of BabyDoge have over other dog coins of the quality of the token. The team has ensured that the token has real-world use.

The BabyDoge team developed a card and a mobile application that can integrate this digital currency with online stores like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. So it is possible to go shopping using the BabyDoge. That is why this cryptocurrency is doing so well.


Saitama Inu

Saitama Inu is one of the cryptocurrencies that might be one of the biggest crypto of 2022. The team is now working to make this project a more utility project by developing a Saitama ecosystem. The development will give SAITAMA token better more utility, which will grow its value.

The Saitama Inu team just released SaitaMask already launched. Saitama project is also going into the GameFi industry with the SaitaMaker platform. There are more products coming up soon for the ecosystem that might make it perform better.



Safemoon burst into crypto fame in early 2021 and quickly deflated in just a few weeks. The Price of Safemoon came back to the floor within a very short time. But the dream of the team did not die, and Safemoon has been coming up well. It is now one of the potent projects of 2022.

With Safemoon V2 protocol and the upcoming Operation Phoenix, this is one of the projects to watch. Safemoon Operation Phoenix is bringing a bunch of decentralized innovations that will l disrupt many industries, including the energy industry.


Floki Inu

Floki Inu ecosystem is one of the exciting developments about this cryptocurrency. The Floki team is working on making the FLOKI token more useful in the crypto industry to give it value. There are already many products the Saitama Inu team has developed for the network, with some launching very soon.

Valhalla, FlokiPlaces, Floki Inuversity, and Floki DeFi will be among the first products that will be running on the Floki ecosystem. The Floki Inu team is also planning to have more DeFi and NFT products in 2022.



Metahero project says it is the gateway to the metaverse, and the quality of its scanning technology has proved this. Metahero has one of the most advanced technology in V3 Metascanner. The technology is enabling gaming developers and other metaverse projects to generate 3D avatars and virtual objects.

The advances in scanning technology and the increasing adoption of Metahero technology by many other industries are why this cryptocurrency is growing fast. Metahero is still one of the cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022.

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